Easy Farmhouse Frittata Recipe

It’s cold here at the farm this morning, as Australia slides towards winter.  There’s work to be done, and it’s raining and utterly miserable outside.  A warm breakfast for the workers is in order, before they go to out to rebuild the cattle yards and fence the back paddock.

With a full basket of fresh organic eggs, and a handful of vegetables and herbs a hearty breakfast will be made in a jiffy.  This is also good as a satisfying dinner when teamed with a salad, but this morning we’re eating our frittata with buttered toast and a big pot of tea!

Ingredients to serve 4 hungry workers and me:

(Modify quantities to suit yourself, or keep some of this as leftovers) 8 eggs, a knob of butter, around 2 cups of fresh vegetables, sliced or diced, some fresh herbs of your choice, or a teaspoon or so of dried herbs. Milk or water, around 1/2 a cup. Some grated or thinly sliced cheese (I used some chunks of fetta, and some grated cheddar).  Ham or bacon if you choose.  (I have also used salmon before, and that is terrific too!) My vegetables of choice this morning are mushrooms, broccoli, capsicum (bell pepper), onion, cherry tomatoes, some fresh corn kernels, spring onion, fresh parsley, salt and pepper.


Chop your vegetables and have them ready.  Then crack the eggs into a large bowl, add a good slurp of water or milk and whisk well.  Season with a little salt and cracked pepper.

I apologise that there are no ‘action’ shots of the cooking steps – I was too busy cooking, eating toast, gossiping with my husband and friends, and drinking tea…

Heat a large heavy based frypan over a medium heat, and then dump in the knob of butter and push it around the pan, making sure that you grease the bottom and sides well.

Throw in a bit more butter.  If you are using bacon, add it now and cook off until soft.  Add in your sliced mushrooms, and any vegetables that will take a little longer to cook.  Swoosh them round in the butter until they soften a little then spread them out so they cover the base of your pan. Lower the heat on your pan.

Rewhisk your eggs and pour into the frypan, and then artfully drop the rest of your vegetables into the egg mixture.  Add in your cheese and any deli meats or your salmon if you are using them. (Today I’m using organic woodsmoked Bangalow Ham) Sprinkle your herbs over the top, add another grind or two of cracked pepper and then give the contents a little stir with a fork.

Leave to cook until the top is set. This takes about ten minutes, depending on the size and depth of your pan. (The cooking time can be hastened by putting a large lid or a piece of aluminium foil over the top of the pan – but don’t raise the heat or you’ll overcook the eggs!).  You can also place the pan under your grill to brown off the top at the end of cooking.

Serve cut into wedges with some toast.  Delicious hearty food!  This slices well when cold, and I often cook enough for leftovers so I can have some with salad for lunch.


Lunch or Dinner Variation:  If you want something even more filling, add in some thinly sliced potato, sweet potato or pumpkin (or all of these) into a well greased deep baking dish.  Substitute the milk or water for a 1/2 cup of cream.  Layer your vegetables and cheese (and meat if you are using), pour the egg mixture over, sprinkle on your cheese and bake in a 180 degree c/350 degree f oven for 30 minutes.  Serve with salad and a good bread.

Breakfast’s over and the sun is coming out! Sending you lots of love and warm wishes from down here at my farm ♥



Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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28 thoughts on “Easy Farmhouse Frittata Recipe

  1. That looks so TASTY! And I love the cows, “moo!” I grew up along a country road hosting large Montana Cattle Ranches…. its gorgeous and paradise, but most importantly, every spring there would be one or two little tan-brown calves out of the herd of red-brown reds, dark-browns and blackies…. The tan-brown were my favorite, and they all received the beloved label, “George.” 🙂

  2. How Yummy!!! I am calling into Bangalow and getting some of that organic bacon and some fresh eggs from the market on the weekend.. so I can make this.. I have been waiting for my chooks to lay but havn’t as yet..( maybe they are to young still) nothing better that starting the day with some wholesome warm soulfood like that..& how cute are the photos from your cosey home I couldn’t get my phone of my little 2 year old Harlow she loved looking at the animals.. xx

    1. Just a thought! Is there organic butcher in Bangalow or did you get it from a farmer friend..( I love good quality organic meat) makes such a difference.. it’s only 10 mins up the road so will b good to know.. xx

    2. sorry!!! Nic I can see why you didn’t reply to my reply.. organic & free range are pretty easy to source around here… It doesn’t have to be exact same as yours..As long as The main ingredients love and creativity are in the mix.. I’m sure it will taste awsome.. think I luv ya to much sometimes.. have a peaceful and relaxing w’end. xx

    1. I have a baby calf in my main vegetable garden right now, wreaking havoc on the last of the basil and tomatoes. I was going to pull them out today anyway, but it’s pouring here, so I’m happy for him to be stuffing his face. he keeps looking up, expecting that someone will come and chase him, and then puts his head down and munches furiously. So cute!

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