What My Morning Looks Like


“Each of us is a book waiting to be written, and that book, if written, results in a person explained.”
~ Thomas M. Cirignano, The Constant Outsider: Memoirs of a South Boston Mechanic


I woke at four this morning with the ending of my memoir firmly in my head. So I am writing. And writing. And thinking a little. Checking a detail or two. Writing some more.

I can’t stop to chat just now. I’m sure you’ll understand. 🙂

6 thoughts on “What My Morning Looks Like

  1. So looking forward to your book. Thanks for all you do. Blessings and love to you for continued improvement in your health.

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  2. That’s a great feeling, knowing the perfect end to a long, involved writing project. And it comes only too rarely! Hope you’re savoring every minute of it. (By the looks of that coffee, I’d say you are. 🙂 )

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