Door knobs and knockers of Venice, Italy

2016-06-28 13.27.17

“As for reading, I wish I had a magic door to a library where I could go in, read for days and days, and come back in the same minute I left. I’m still looking for the door.”
~ David Mitchell


Don’t you just love that quote? Oh, to have a door like that!

On my recent ramblings through Venice I was entranced with doors. In narrow alleys, small courtyards and squares the doors dominated. Doors replete with history. Doors with their own energies and style. Doors that held secrets.

I rested my hand upon them. Felt the age and the grain of wood or the cold tang of metal. Admired the artistry and personality.

As I strolled quiet morning streets the way a visitor might wander an art gallery the door knobs, knockers and name plates really touched my heart and filled me with wonder.

Here are a few of my favourites. I hope you enjoy them too.


2016-06-17 09.30.28

2016-06-17 09.26.26

2016-06-17 09.16.59

2016-06-16 14.55.27

2016-06-16 14.55.18

2016-06-16 12.23.11

2016-06-16 12.22.39


3 thoughts on “Door knobs and knockers of Venice, Italy

  1. Enchanting …sorry Kylie I’ve nicked your word …cos it is just that . I equally want that door to the library Nicole .
    I adored Venice and do remember doors that I admired …don’t you just love door handles and doors ❓ yes as good as a museum I agree …going out with camera and looking fir interesting doors you have inspired me ….my favourite of yours …hang on scrolling …number 2 she looks like she’s got no teeth . .. I’ve had toothache this week so that’s why I’m drawn to it I guess😊

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