2020 – Guidance For The Year

“Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today.”

~ Tim Fargo

Happy New Year, Lovelies, and welcome to 2020! It’s the start of a whole new year, a whole new decade, and a whole new energetic era.

New Year’s Day is always a special time for me. I like to welcome the day with meditation, and then spend some time over the course of the day contemplating my year ahead, asking for spiritual guidance, and writing in my journal and my Journeymaker’s Planner. For me, it is a day of visioning and dreaming, and spending time with people and activities that matter to me.

Each year I draw a Guiding Card for the year ahead, and then channel information about this new year.  I don’t use tarot or oracle cards as a predictive tool – rather I use them for reflection, and to seek guidance about qualities, actions and perspectives that might be of benefit over the next twelve months.

I’ve chosen this year’s Guiding Card from Toni Carmine Salerno & Leela J Williams’ the Sacred Earth Oracle.

POTENTIAL – Insights for 2020

2020 is a year of uncharted territory, within yourself and the wider world. It holds energies of endings, beginnings, innovations and a focus on relationships.

As we cross the threshold into 2020 we’re not just leaving 2019 behind – what we are beginning to leave behind is so much bigger than that! Old power structures, old institutions, old ways of thinking and behaving that supported the previous era are moving toward extinction, although perhaps with one last pushback as they crumble away. We won’t have all the answers yet – all we’ll know is that we need to find a new way, a better way!

It’s also a year for advancements in technology and knowledge, and for discoveries and breakthroughs in many different areas.

2020 is a year for hope, a year of transition and transformation – the kind of massive collective change that means we can never go back to how things were. The balance of power will begin to shift, and new leaders and new ideas will start emerging in every field. 2020 marks the beginning of humanity and the Earth moving to a brighter future. But… it may be messy. Any mother will tell you that the act of birth can be painful, violent, dangerous and dramatic before she holds her new child in her arms. Know that there are people who will step forward as midwives to help birth this new era, people who have the skill and vision to ensure a better world for all. Perhaps you will be one of them!

Our planet will be a focus of action and care this year. People power will become an emerging force. Reconnecting with nature and acknowledging that our soul connection and health are deeply entwined with the earth will bring a push for urgent change in how we live and interact with the natural environment.

It’s a time of rising consciousness that brings a need for action rather than just talk. This year brings heightened intuition, greater empathy and bursts of clear psychic connection. Celestial bodies will bring new energies and open you to an elevated view of yourself, humanity and the planet. You’ll need to find a balance between solitude and being social this year to make the most of these changes within you. Relationships will need your care and focus, including your relationship with yourself.

If you’ve already laid the foundation for a project, dream or business expect that with your continued attention it can move forward strongly in 2020. It’s the kind of year where life-changing breakthroughs can be made, and abundance can be created. Opportunities are everywhere for those who are prepared and not afraid of a little work.

It’s a year for love, friendship, passion, and deep caring. Teamwork and supporting each other for the greater good is a strong theme. It’s a year for deepening existing relationships and for finding soulmates, for finding your tribe, for finding yourself and your place in the world or at least the beginnings of what that may look like. If it doesn’t have heart and integrity (this could be anything!) you’ll be compelled to fix or heal it, or you’ll walk away because you just won’t be able to live like that anymore.

2020 is a year that gifts us momentum, clarity, and urgency. It’s time to create positive change, starting with ourselves and then radiating out into the wider world.

Bless you, and your year ahead. All my love ♥ Nicole xx

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4 thoughts on “2020 – Guidance For The Year

  1. I’ve just re-read this post, six months after you posted it. What hope it brings me in these troubled times, that we will find a way through all that is happening and that we will all – the planet and all living things upon it – be better for it. Thank you Nicole.

  2. Thank you for all your shared wisdom during 2019. I wish you hope for the new year and good health to enjoy what the higher vibrations and the love the collective world will bring you. ❤️ 🙏 🎉

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