Marshmallow Recipe – Perfect for Easter

Homemade marshmallow is the yummiest, fluffiest thing. Easy and inexpensive too. The recipe will make the sort of standard coconut-covered marshmallows most people know, but it can also be used in moulds to make cool shapes. At Easter, marshmallow eggs or bunnies are very appropriate, and make delicious gifts.

This Easter I’m making quite a lot of marhsmallow eggs for my loved ones – they’ll be nestled in a basket with my home-made fudge, and some rich, moist fruit cake. Ingredients:  3 tablespoons gelatine, 200ml cold water, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 2 1/2 cups of sugar, 180ml hot water, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, 1 teaspoon vanilla, food dyes, coconut.

Method: Put the salt, gelatine and cold water into a bowl.  Stir and allow gelatine to swell. Grease some pans or moulds – you can use a little melted butter or a non-stick cooking spray. (I’m a butter fan myself.)

Add sugar and hot water to large saucepan.  Bring to boil, stirring to ensure sugar is dissolved, and remove from heat. Add the gelatine mix to the saucepan and stir well until the gelatine has dissolved. Then allow mixture to cool slightly.  Beat well with electric beaters until the mixture turns thick and white in colour.  Add the lemon juice and vanilla. Colour the mixture with a few drops of colouring if you wish. Beat well to mix through.

Pour into the tins or moulds and leave for a few hours to set.

If you are making traditional marshmallows, remove from tin, cut into cubes and roll in plain or toasted coconut.

*Toast coconut by placing in dry frypan over high heat and stirring until it colours.  Remove from heat straight away and let cool before using.

If you are making moulded items, remove from shape and place on some non-stick baking paper. Use a small clean brush and some food dye to paint any markings on your shapes.   Shapes can then be joined  if desired by pressing surfaces lightly together.

Roll in coconut or a mixture of 1/2 cup cornflour to 1/2 cup icing (powdered) sugar. Store in a cool, dry place. ♥ Share with the people you love! ♥

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21 thoughts on “Marshmallow Recipe – Perfect for Easter

  1. Hey Nicole have you tried this with a white sugar substitute ? Like Maple syrup, honey or maybe coconut sugar, or even would raw sugar work fine too? Thanks & Lots of love xx

    1. The double colour ones were the result of me being too lazy to grease up another tin so I added my second batch of leftovers in on top. Looks pretty though, and tasted great! Toasted coconut really elevates them to a whole new level 😀

  2. They look amazing! As a veggie I shouldn’t eat marshmallows (gelatine problem) but I must say I do love them. I had some home made ones at Christmas and they were superb, just melted in the mouth. I wonder if there is a vegetarian gelatine substitute, do you happen to know? I’d love to make these, and I think you are a fabulous friend making these and the other sweet treats for your chums. What a very lovely and unique idea for Easter.

    1. You might investigate Agar Agar, Pectin (used for making jams/jellies), or non-animal derived jel/gel that is considered Kosher! I, personally, have not tried any of these.

    2. I use agar agar often, Becca, and sometimes even use pectin in my jams, but I haven’t found anything besides gelatine to give marshmallow that light, fluffy consistency. One day soon I’ll get around to posting my coconut jelly recipe which is based on agar agar and great for vegans, vegetarians and gluten-free peeps. 😀 Much love to you xx

    3. I have some great veggie and vegan sweet treat recipes (and some serious food-allergy, I can’t have ANYTHING fun kind of sweetie recipes too). I have never been able to make marshmallows successfully with anything other than gelatine. But I promise to post some vegan and strict vegetarian sweet recipes sometime soon. Much love to you, hope you’re having a wonderful Easter ♥ xoxo

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