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“Maybe you had to leave in order to really miss a place; maybe you had to travel to figure out how beloved your starting point was.”
― Jodi Picoult, Handle with Care

(Hi Everyone! This is Chelsi, Nicole’s  Virtual Assistant – posting this blog post in behalf of Nicole )

Just a quick update from me to let you know that you’re all in my thoughts and prayers, and to share a little more of my big overseas adventure to Cebu in the Philippines.

The internet here has been terrible, so loading my blogs has been impossible. On the upside though, it has meant that I’ve been able to focus on myself and my own dreams and plans. I’m sorry if you’ve been worried by not hearing from me. I promise I am okay. 🙂

Being here has been both challenging and wonderful. It is so good to be alive. It seems like a miracle to be embarking on new adventures again. I am truly enjoying using my entrepreneurial brain, and being with like-minded people. I have had some late nights, I have celebrated being in a tropical paradise, and I’ve even enjoyed dressing up for dinner!

My trip has also been challenging because I have only now begun to realise just how much my husband Ben does to take care of me, and to make my daily life easy and smooth.

One of those big things that mean so much when you suddenly don’t have them is safe mobility. When I am at home, Ben takes my arm or holds my hand when we go walking, especially when I am tired or the ground is uneven. He’ll shoulder my bag, and walk slightly in front of me as we go up or down steps to that I can stabilise myself against him.

I didn’t know how much I relied on this until my first night at the resort when I tried to walk home to my room from the pool. To access my room I had to walk over a little bridge that had steps up and down, and a curved walkway in the middle.

In the dark, the bridge became an obstacle that seemed suddenly insurmountable. Suddenly I heard a friendly voice behind me. ‘Are you okay? Do you need a hand?’ One of the women attending my conference walked me over the bridge and to my door.

Throughout the time I have been here in Cebu there has been a quiet army of thoughtful and kind people looking out for me and offering that little bit of extra help that makes my solo trip easy and hassle-free. I have been supported and cared for at every turn.

My trip is almost over, and sad as I will be to leave the Philippines I am stupidly missing Ben, Nurse Bert and Cafe Dog, and our little farm. I’ve also been missing you too, and it will be good to be back home to the land of good coffee and faster internet.

Normal posting will resume shortly, but in the meantime I’m sending lots of love and hugs your way,

Nicole xoxo





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9 thoughts on “Saying Hi from the PI

  1. Your shared experience struck a cord to me (2nd par) 😌 I hope you can visit Cebu again, perhaps in a lighter perspective, so that you may further discover the kindness and the natural and beauty that Cebu has to offer. Thank you.

  2. Hi Nicole, I have been away from blogging for a long while. Reading your blog has made me realise why I loved it in the first place and is an incentive to continue. This morning Im full of gratitude and your expressions of gratitude above is heartfelt. Best wishes and take care. Dianne x

  3. So glad you are ok …have missed your blog but just glad you are looking after yourself , instead of us for a change 😘

  4. Hi Nicole, lovely to hear from you 🙂 My daughter went to Cebu at the end of 2012 aged 18 on a trip called “Alternate Schoolies”, which is exactly what it says! She and her fellow Year 12 students spent two weeks visiting and working alongside many disadvantaged community groups, and it was a life-changing and humbling experience for them all. Cebu is an extraordinary place, isn’t it? Full of extreme contrasts that we in Australia will have had little experience of, and yet they are an extraordinarily resilient people. I wish you a safe journey home to your loved ones, with a heart and spirit full of precious memories and learning <3

  5. So glad you’re doing ok, did wonder when there wasn’t an update. Its good to realise our blessings I think, but also to flutter just a little when we can.

  6. Nicole, it was lovely to read how your trip away has been progressing. Great news that there are an army of angels on hand to help you when it is needed. Enjoy your remaining days and have a great flight home. xx <3

  7. It sounds like you have had quite an experience and have a safe journey back. Look forward to more news from you then. I know what it’s like to lack a good internet connection but it is refreshing to be without for a while!

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