Honour Your Vision! Monday Oracle – 19 August 2019

Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.

Gail Devers

Hello, Lovelies!

August is a month for bold thinking, big ideas, new beginnings and exciting possibilities. It’s a month to help you let go of the past, and to move in new directions, trusting in positive outcomes even when you can’t see that far into the future yet. It’s also a month for upgrading your thinking, your relationships, and anything in your home or office that is broken, failing or past its use-by-date. (My Journey Of Transformation online course will help you work with these energies of change – Details Here) Keep August’s energy in mind as we look at the gifts of inspiration which the card Stargazer brings.

Stargazer acknowledges the wise and intuitive part of you that can become inspired with a vision or calling, and that can lead you to create something new in the world.

You don’t need to be special to be chosen.

You get your calling, or your inspiration, simply because you are here. Simply because you are alive, and present on the planet right now. You have talents and gifts and experiences unique to you. The Universe (you can see that as God, your Soul, Divine Spark or whatever feels right for you) can only work THROUGH you. You are the vehicle for that Universal expression. So when an idea comes as a sudden flash of insight, or if you have an idea that has been banging around in your head, or your heart, and won’t let you go – know that you are being called to express that Higher Vision.

A Higher Vision for yourself is what Stargazer is guiding you towards. This is a week for connecting to your greater Destiny. Destiny is what happens to you when YOU CHOOSE what you want to do, and put energy towards that. Fate is what happens to you when you don’t choose, and then life has its way with you.

Most people let Fate decide how their life will unfold.

This week you’re called to embrace Destiny.

Stargazer asks you to tune in to the Universal Spark, to tune out to those people who would laugh at your dreams, judge or ridicule them, and know that Destiny will help you find a way, if only you are brave enough to say YES to bringing your dream to life.

Don’t let life pass you by, don’t let your dreams sit on the shelf, don’t be a passive bystander in your life.

Stargazer urges you to muster a tiny amount of faith and courage, and to begin. You don’t need endless confidence. That may, or may not, ever come. But if you can find a little grit, a little backbone, a little determination, and if you can say YES to that idea or vision, you might just change your life, or someone else’s, for the better. In fact, you might just change the world.

Helpful essential oils?

Rose is my go-to oil again this week. It opens your Heart Chakra, allowing you to give and receive love, and gathers emotional and energetic strength to you. (Don’t have Rose? Use Ylang Ylang instead.)  Rosemary supports clarity, within yourself and within your mind. It helps you to filter out thoughts and feelings that aren’t your own. Cedarwood boosts emotional resilience and helps you dig deep to find that courage and internal strength you worry you may have lost. It’s also calming. Patchouli  grounds you and opens you to your Higher Self and intuitive wisdom in a gentle and reassuring way.

These oils can be used singly or they can be blended – they all work beautifully together.

In my diffuser this week I have this Blend:

5 drops Rose oil (or use Ylang Ylang)
2 drops Patchouli
2 drops Cedarwood
2 drops Rosemary

I’m passionate about essential oils and their capacity to support our wellness journey and our spiritual and emotional wellbeing. If you’d like to know more or want to source the oils I recommend and trust visit this site or contact me at channelnc@gmail.com

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This is my last Residential Retreat for the year, and I won’t be offering any in 2020 because I’m taking a sabbatical to get my own books and new products finished. So, come join me. It’s going to be amazing!

Let Stargazer‘s energies support you to step bravely towards your dreams this week. Don’t let anyone talk you out of it, especially yourself!

I’m holding you in my prayers and meditations.

Lots of love, Nicole  xx

PS: Monday’s oracle card, Stargazer’, is from the Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray. I use any cards shown as a prompt for channelled messages and my own intuitive wisdom, so my take is sometimes quite different from the meaning found in a book. 

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