Creating Sustainability and Trust – Monday Oracle 13 January 2020

“To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.”

George MacDonald

Hello, Lovelies!

January is a month for moving past limitations, for reinventing yourself, and for planning, possibilities and creating a sense of purpose. Keep that in mind as we explore the gifts that the oracle card DEPENDABILITY brings us this week. DEPENDABILITY is from the Sacred Earth Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno & Leela J Williams.


If I were to choose one word to capture the energies of the year ahead, it would be Alignment – alignment with your values, with your creative and spiritual essence, with the relationships that matter to you. 2020 – all year – is a year for relationships.

DEPENDABILITY is reminding you where to put your energy and focus this week. This is a card that speaks of the need for you to be able to trust and rely on yourself, to trust and honour your intuition, and to keep your word and trust in the relationships around you.

When you keep your word, when you act with integrity and authenticity, trust grows. When trust grows you feel safe. When you feel safe you can flourish. When you flourish you step into your spiritual and creative power and all kinds of magic happens.

DEPENDABILITY encourages you to renew that trust and investment in the important relationships in your life, and most importantly, in your relationship with yourself.

DEPENDABILITY puts you on notice – this is a week to speak your truth with others, to be vulnerable in your sharing, to speak up about your feelings or experiences or ideas. It’s a week to honour the whisperings of your heart with action.

It’s also a week to be dependable for the creative ideas you are holding in your heart. If the Muse has visited you and given you an idea, this is the week for showing your commitment to birthing that idea by taking action and proving to the Universe that you are a dependable midwife for this creative force that is asking to be birthed through you.

Most importantly, it’s a week to honour the need for sustainability in your relationships. There needs to be sharing, give and take, mutual respect and care. You’ll know if you’ve outgrown a relationship, or if it never was a place of sustainability and trust to begin with.

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians

Supportive crystals for the week ahead

Rutilated Quartz (pictured) is great for helping you to see the best of yourself and your potential, and giving you self-confidence.  Bismuth can be lab-created or natural. Both are good. It will have metallic and pastel or rainbow coloured hues, and a mathematical and geometric feel. It is a stone for transformation, for creating the architecture of your ideal life, and supports you to overcome fear, self-loathing, social and emotional isolation, and to move back into communication, connection and flow. Amazonite helps you to live bravely and from your heart, especially in regard to your creative projects. It will boost self-confidence and self-worth.

Essential Oil Support

Essential oils that promote forgiveness, openness, self-expression and trust are what are needed this week.

To build or repair trust use Frankincense or Bergamot essential oil (or a combination of 2:1).

To bring forgiveness to a situation or relationship use Melissa (also known as Lemon Balm) essential oil.

To enhance or create openness in communication use Vetiver.

To promote self-expression use Wild Orange.

Freaking out or find yourself absolutely stuck in inertia? Rub a drop or two of Sandalwood over your heart and on the back of your neck to help reconnect Solar Plexus, Heart, and Crown Chakra, bringing you gently into alignment with your personal truth.

Image by Marina Pershina

Need Extra Support for the Year Ahead?

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Remember, focus on the quality of your relationships this week. Feel into your heart and trust your intuition. Stay open, be brave and live as the best possible version of yourself. This year can be different. Trust!

All my love, Nicole xx

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