Tomato Soup And Fresh Bread Equals Tired Happiness

“In pretty much every country in the world, something hot and brothy cooked in a pot and served in a bowl is viewed as uniquely nourishing. Soup places low demands on the eater. It treats you as a child, who may or may not know how to use a knife and fork. You do not have to chop, or even to chew. Soup is what our mothers gave us when we were ailing. It’s what we return to after a hard day at work, when all we want to do is curl up in a foetal position on the sofa.”

Bee Wilson

Hey, Lovelies!
After a hectic week away in the city I came home to the farm late yesterday afternoon. Ben and I hurried around, doing chores and settling ourselves in. The vegetable gardens and potato patch needing watering, there was a ute load full of supplies to unpack, beds to be made and washing to be done. And not much in the fridge to inspire me to make dinner. But we were exhausted, so there was no need for anything major.

I found a can of tomato soup. I grabbed a couple of handfuls of fresh herbs from the pots at the kitchen door. I threw the fixings for a cheese and herb loaf in the bread machine and pushed a few buttons, and then I made the beds with clean sheets while I still had some energy.

As night approached the aroma of freshly baking bread wafted through the house. Ben set a fire in the grate to warm the house. I opened the tin of soup, added a can of diced tomatoes and some water and heated it through. It was ready in no time and I stirred in a dash of cream, ladled it into bowls, added some chopped fresh basil and a sprinkle of parmesan, and cut thick slices of warm fresh bread to dunk into the soup.

After an easy dinner we sat by the fire for a little while, just relaxing. Then I did my evening meditation, had a hot shower and then tumbled into bed, happy, tired and nourished.

The simple things in life are so very, very good!

I hope you are finding time for yourself this week too. Be kind to yourself and everyone you meet, Hugs and love, Nicole xx

PS – this last pic is of our back paddock – filled with wishes waiting to be wished as all of the dandelions go to seed ❤

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