Date Night At Home

I guess sometimes the greatest memories are made in the most unlikely of places, further proof that spontaneity is more rewarding than a meticulously planned life.

J.A. Redmerski

Hey, Lovelies.

I planned a beautiful meal for Sunday night. A pasta dish, with carefully selected wine (just a glass cos Monday is a work day), a fresh salad, and sliced mango for dessert.


That didn’t work out.

I had sat in my air-conditioned writing room with the windows and doors closed most of Sunday. Ben did the same in his office, because it was swelteringly hot.

Come dusk we threw open the house, had a shower and then came downstairs to make dinner.

Within a few minutes the house was full of flying ants. As I tried to prep dinner they got stuck in my hair, fell in the food, crawled up my nose. I realised it was futile. We had a swarm of thousands of the little suckers. I turned off all the lights and beat a hasty retreat to Ben’s office, where I delivered the bad news. I couldn’t cook dinner. And we were both starving!!!

Sunday night in our part of the world is a quiet affair, but we went for a quick drive up the main street to see what was open. A pizza place was, so I ordered a pizza and garlic bread, and then we went for a walk while they cooked our order.

When we got home we grabbed the good wine, paper towels, and two Nutella glasses (which were our only glasses when we moved and our furniture hadn’t arrived) because it seemed wrong to drink out of proper wine glasses. Then we headed into my writing room. The dogs followed, and made themselves at home under my desk.

I cranked up an eighties playlist on my laptop. Ben cracked open the wine and poured us each a generous glass. I used my filing cabinet as a table, Ben sat on a ladder, I sat on my office chair, and we ate pizza, drank wine, sang loudly to old favourites and had a fabulous night. Later, Ben snuck out of the room, rinsed our Nutella glasses of the last remnants of red wine, and came back with a bottle of Limoncello and some ice. Suddenly it was after eleven and we decided we really should drink some water and get some sleep.

Yesterday morning we swept up the dead insects and all the silvery little discarded wings, put the empty bottles and pizza boxes in the bin, and declared it the best fun we’ve had in ages.

Also, it’s a wonderful thing to still be madly in love with the person you married.

Here’s to many more unplanned adventures!

Love, hugs and pizza pie, Nicole xx

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