My Best Christmas Cake Recipes!

The kitchen can be a sacred space. Where magic is created, whether it’s mixing up a potion, or baking a cake for friends. The whole process is part of this spell – intention being just as important as the ingredients! The Kitchen Witch keeps a warm and happy home infused with magic.

Sarah Robinson

Hello, Lovelies!

Have you made your Christmas Cake yet?

I have one traditional make-and-mature one made and put away for my Dad, and fruit soaking for one for Ben and I and a couple as gifts that I will make as my Last Minute Christmas Cake recipe.

Here are my favourite recipes to help you create a tasty cake for the festive season. Just click the link to go to the recipes.

I’m cheering you on. YOU can make a fruit cake and it will be wonderful!!!
And if you do make a cake, post a pic and tag me in because I’d love to see what you created.

Remember to play a little Christmas music too, to get you in the festive baking mood.

All my love,
Nicole xx
PS – Of course, if you are NOT a card-carrying member of Team Fruitcake please disregard.

Clever Christmas cuteness courtesy of my friend Monique Sinclaire!

Make and Mature Christmas Cake – If you’ve had your fruit soaking, or if you can soak your fruit over the weekend this is still a fabulous recipe with time to mature before Christmas Day

Last Minute Christmas Cake Recipe – This one tastes FABULOUS and I have made it on Christmas Eve, so it really IS a last-minute foolproof recipe, and it’s EASY!

Easy Moist Boiled Fruit Cake Recipe – this one is simple, cost effective and uses condensed milk. To make a vegan version simply replace the condensed milk with coconut condensed milk. It’s delicious!


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