Happy Birthday, Harry!

2013-08-25 17.17.59

“Birthdays are nature’s way of telling you to eat more cake.” 
~ Jo Brand

Harry, our young Blue Heeler cattle dog, is celebrating his first birthday.

We’ve started with a big run-around in the orchard and a few celebratory laps of the top paddocks. There is so much pleasure in being young, with good knees and strong back legs and an ability to speed flat out over any kind of terrain. When we think of our old dog, Charlie, and then see Harry tearing about, we are filled with an indescribable joy. If this is reincarnation, I’m all for it! We’ll give Harry some Pink Lady Apple today too. It was always Charlie’s favourite.

In one year Harry’s grown from a tiny ball of fluff into a well-socialised dog who is learning the ropes of farm responsibilities, and who enjoys any kind of outing.

2012-12-20 06.50.11

Soon we’re heading off to town for cafe time, and a little crispy bacon, just for Birthday Dog. There will be lots of extra pats and attention today, and Harry’s always up for that. Meanwhile, Bert, our red cattle-boxer cross, will be asleep on the bed at home, having some time for himself. Bert adores Harry but after the strenuous activity of the early morning, followed by a big breakfast, he’s ready for a nap.

Our friend at the fish shop has put aside some tuna off-cuts and a few fat fresh prawns. Not for me, for Harry!

And tonight a barbeque with friends who will bring their dogs so that all our pups can play together and exhaust themselves. That’s actually a fairly standard weekend, and not anything to do with Harry’s birthday, but who can resist having cake? Any excuse, I say.

Will you join me for a cupcake and a little moment of celebration of life, joy, puppies, love and friendship?

Sending you much love from our little family and the farm at Possum Creek,

Nicole xx


Harry – Cafe Dog!

2012-12-20 07.27.24

“Coffee is a language in itself.” ~ Jackie Chan


Good Morning! It’s Harry here. Mum is meditating, so I thought I’d save time and write her blog so that we can go to the cafe faster.

I love cafes. Ever since I was little I’ve been going. Especially first thing in the morning. So now I’m ready extra early. Sometimes when it’s still almost the middle of the night…

If you look carefully at the next picture you’ll see me, in the dark, waiting by the door to go to the car. It’s 3.42am. But the coffee shop opens at six so it pays to be ready!

2013-07-12 05.35.06


Cafes and coffee shops are lovely. My brother Bert doesn’t like them much. He’d much prefer to stay on the veranda and have a sleep, or if it’s really cold he sneaks into the bedroom and jumps up on the bed and gets real small and low down to make himself invisible. He’s a comfort hound.

2013-05-28 14.15.23

But me, I can sleep on the job.

I’ve been a good cafe napper ever since I was a pup!

2012-12-21 07.34.27

It’s a social thing, cafes. All my friends are there. Lots of people to say hello. Lots of dogs to sniff and kiss. I keep busy while Mum is writing. I’m kind of like her writing companion. People can talk to me instead of her, so she gets more done.

I’m here in this next picture, but you can’t see me because I am under the table, sitting on Mum’s foot.

2013-05-27 07.01.00

And best of all, there is bacon. I love bacon. Have you tried it? It’s amazing.

It’s almost as good as zippers or computer power packs. But not as much fun as pulling the stuffing out of pillows.

Hmmm. I’d better not mention that again…

Mum says this is the best type of cafe dog. She’s not very funny sometimes!

2013-06-27 15.14.27


Homeward bound!


“And when the day arrives I’ll become the sky and I’ll become the sea and the sea will come to kiss me for I am going home. Nothing can stop me now.” ~ Trent Reznor

The ute’s all packed, it’s not quite dawn and we’re heading home to the farm.

I’m filled with a quiet thrill. It seems so long since I was there. And home is the place where I heal, where I write, where my heart is free.

The dogs, of course, knew we were going and have been sitting at the front door since 4am.  Perhaps being home and having a whole farm to run around on will cure them of the need to eat computers and other assorted household items.

They are beyond excited.  Well, to be more accurate, Harry is beyond excited and Bert is, well…  resigned to sharing the back seat with an insane pup with no sense of personal boundaries.

2013-06-24 14.59.49

Okay.  We’re off.  I’ll leave you with a parting thought;

530100_432265656784343_1130393838_nMuch, much love to you, ♥ Nicole xx

Unforseen Technical Issues

2013-06-29 04.59.37

This blog is temporarily out of service due to unforseen technical issues.  Live updates are being brought to you via i-phone.

A certain dog is in deep, deep trouble….


Normal blogging will resume when new power pack has been sourced.  Thank you for your understanding at this difficult time.

2013-06-04 08.25.19

Nurse Bert

2012-09-14 07.08.41

“A nurse will always give us hope,
an angel with a stethoscope.”
~Terri Guillemets


Nurse Bert is very busy right now.  As well as looking after me as I travel through extensive and arduous Lyme disease treatment, he is now caring for young Harry as well.

Harry had surgery for his bottom jaw yesterday.  If you’re not caught up with my blog you can read about Harry’s problems here:

Will you still love me broken?

Here’s brave young Harry at the University of Queensland Vet Clinic, about to embark on his operation.

2013-05-23 09.10.08

Bert has always been a caring dog by nature.  He picks up the slack as my Business Assistant whenever the work is getting on top of me…

PA Bert

and he has been the Protector of his younger brother since Harry was a tiny pup.

2013-01-10 12.09.58


We’re so lucky that Bert found his way to us.  His own story is quite remarkable as well:

Treasure in a Cardboard Box

Well, Nurse Bert has my cup of tea and morning meds ready, so I must go. Wishing you all a fabulous weekend, filled with self-care, lots of rest, and a little bit of magic.  Bless ♥ xx


2013-04-18 08.03.04

I got problems.

Mum’s in bed, and I was just trying to amuse myself.  And it’s nearly breakfast.

I was hungry.

Also, my teeth hurt.

So I tried to be good.  I ate the zip off my mum’s travel bag.  It felt good to nibble all the teeth off one side.  It was so good that I found one of her boots and ate the zip off that too.  But then there were no more zips.

Mum was still asleep.  I was trying to be quiet.  It was boring.  I ate a computer cable and the thing that makes her other thing plug into the big thing. It was crunchy.

I chewed the corner of the thing she reads but it made a bad sound, and also Mum started moving so I spat that kindle thing out fast. Not very tasty anyway.

There was also some paper.  I think it was tax?  It tasted real good.

But then I felt sick.

I was sick.  Mostly on Mum’s books.  But a bit on her not chewed boot.

Now I got problems…

Life is hard for small dogs around here.

Bye.  Love from Harry xx

Brave young Harry!

2013-03-22 14.40.34

“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”
~ Will Rogers


Harry, our not quite six-month-old Blue Heeler puppy had the next of his surgeries yesterday to help accommodate his severe overbite.

His newly emerged adult lower canines were shaved down to stop them impacting his soft palate, but it’s only a temporary fix, while his teeth grow in.  He’ll need more extensive dental surgery in a month or so, and then perhaps another corrective operation after that.

We brought him home last night and then he kept us up most of the night, worrying at his leg where the drip had been, taking endless trips out to the grass to empty out all the extra fluid the vets pumped into him, and generally crying and being fretful – still dopey from the remnants of his anesthetic, and hungry but not yet allowed to eat.

It reminded me of when he first came home to us, an unweaned pup, all fidgets and hunger and a two-hour bladder.

2012-12-20 06.50.11

This morning he is bright-eyed and brimful of life. He kept leaping off the couch onto my head as I tried to meditate, and he’s checked his breakfast bowl at least twenty times…

We’re heading back to the farm soon.  Harry and I have both seen our doctors, had our shots, gotten our take-home meds and now we’re in need of some fresh air, space to run around and the healing energy of home. We’re wishing you all a wonderful weekend too. Much love to you ♥ ✿ ♥ xx

2013-03-11 17.27.14

We Has The Depression

2013-02-26 11.56.07

“Into each life some rain must fall.”
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Bert: Rain, rain, rain. I’m sick of all this rain. It’s horrible being stuck inside a house in the city.  Why can’t we go home to the farm? What if all my tennis balls float away? I can’t bear it. I has the Depression.

Harry: I’ll ask Mum.  Maybe it’s not raining any more. Maybe we can go home.

2013-02-26 11.56.23

Harry: Can we go yet?  Can we go home?  Can we? Can we? Is it still raining? My brother needs his farm.

Me: Maybe, but there’s more raining coming.  We might have to go home and get a few things, and then come back to the city again so we don’t get flooded in.

2013-02-26 11.56.57Harry: Oh no. I has the Depression too…