Brave young Harry!

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“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”
~ Will Rogers


Harry, our not quite six-month-old Blue Heeler puppy had the next of his surgeries yesterday to help accommodate his severe overbite.

His newly emerged adult lower canines were shaved down to stop them impacting his soft palate, but it’s only a temporary fix, while his teeth grow in.  He’ll need more extensive dental surgery in a month or so, and then perhaps another corrective operation after that.

We brought him home last night and then he kept us up most of the night, worrying at his leg where the drip had been, taking endless trips out to the grass to empty out all the extra fluid the vets pumped into him, and generally crying and being fretful – still dopey from the remnants of his anesthetic, and hungry but not yet allowed to eat.

It reminded me of when he first came home to us, an unweaned pup, all fidgets and hunger and a two-hour bladder.

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This morning he is bright-eyed and brimful of life. He kept leaping off the couch onto my head as I tried to meditate, and he’s checked his breakfast bowl at least twenty times…

We’re heading back to the farm soon.  Harry and I have both seen our doctors, had our shots, gotten our take-home meds and now we’re in need of some fresh air, space to run around and the healing energy of home. We’re wishing you all a wonderful weekend too. Much love to you ♥ ✿ ♥ xx

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17 thoughts on “Brave young Harry!

  1. I feel so bad for the doggies that have to go through this. I recently had a blue heeler sent to me in Hawaii from Australia. He came with a slight overbite and it just broke my heart to see him have to go through his life with this imperfection. The breeder assures me that his lower jaw will grow and he will have a good bite …hope so cause I love him so and want him to have the best life ever. Give your Harry a big hug he deserves a loving mommy like you are. Heelers are such wonderful dogs.

  2. Ah sweetheart……”bbbbuuuuttt Moommmiiieee why u not feed me” Have a blessed blissful restful and healing weekend all….xxx

  3. Yay on returning to farm, where you can wear your gumboots and Harry can run around in his usual manner. Good to see his return to form in ‘assisting’ your meditation (must’ve been the day for it my Ninja Kitty aka Mollie decided she had to walk all over me, my cards, trip my bowl….)

  4. My gosh, he is the cutest pup alive! And his overbite only makes him look dignified. Of course, dignified and in pain is not alright, so taking action’s good. Healing blessings to you, friends.

  5. Lol, he’s so adorable. I can totally relate – I had a severe overbite when I was young too, and they gave me a funny retainer that yanked my lower jaw forward and held my mouth shut, which made me about as socially popular as you might imagine at the time. But it worked, God bless it. Too bad they don’t make those for puppies! Kisses to Harry, he’s beautiful in any case. 🙂

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