Meet Harry- it’s puppy love!

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“Happiness is a warm puppy.” ~ Charles M Schulz

Meet the newest edition to our family – Harry!

Harry is an Australian Blue Cattle Dog – a working dog in the finest of traditions. Although I suspect he’ll go the way of all dogs in this household; an ‘inside dog’ with couch privileges and a penchant for comfort and fine food…

He’s a new brother for Bert, after the loss of our much loved Charlie Dog earlier this year. Harry is from the same bloodlines as Charlie, and he came to us in the most serendipitous of ways. An old friend from my College days, a good country girl, rang to wish me a Happy Christmas, and said delightedly that I’d never guess who she was with. Turns out she was having beers with another old mate, who had supplied Charlie to us all those years ago. AND he had a litter of pups with him, two of which were still up for grabs.

I got in my car and drove two and a half hours, to have a cuppa and share memories with my friends, and to look at the pups still without homes.

But one pup chose me. A fine strong young lad, he was already allocated, but the moment I turned up he ran over. When I sat down on the grass he jumped straight into my lap and stayed there. As we went inside for a drink he sat at the door and cried. In short, this little boy stuck to me like glue.

2012-12-19 15.21.06

“Geez,” said Benson. “I’ve never seen anything like it. You’d better have him then.”

So Harry came home with me. A bundle of energy with a constantly growling tummy, and a need for fun and attention. He’ll fit right in at our place.

Lucky for me he is also fond of blogging…

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36 thoughts on “Meet Harry- it’s puppy love!

  1. Sooo cute!!!!!! I have always loved the look and the temperament of Australian Cattle Dogs. Harry is one adorable puppy! Congratulations on the new addition to the household!

    And I love the green polish 🙂

  2. Nicole, how divinely wonderful! I believe Charlie Dog orchestrated Harry’s arrival in your life. I feel your love and happiness with his presence. Thank you for sharing. xx K

  3. What a blessing, a baby boy for Xmas, I love dogs more than anything in this world, they are the gifts from the Gods, cant imagine a world without them. My own little baby boy Teddy who I got last Xmas has bought me sooo much joy, laughter and love. For me, too, he came after the loss of my beautiful Daisy who I had for 18 years. My heart was sad and I was grieving, no plans of a pup. My friend Bille Dean said I needed to be open to a pup, I was like, yeah, whatever! And then I found him, unexpectantly, and I was a goner, I am smitten, I adore him. I wish you and Harry many many years of love and joy, may he make your heart sing and your soul smile 🙂

  4. haha love the one of Harry at the computer helping out with blogging. Much joy and love coming in the form of shadowing his brother Bert and chewed up shoes etc bless to you all this Christmas xox

  5. Oh bless! What a gorgeous boy. Wishing you all much happiness and laughter together in the years ahead. Looking forward to Harry’s blogging contributions.

  6. How lovely for you all to have Harry home for Christmas. Bert will be happy I bet to guide his little brother into the ways of couch, fine dining and rambling through the paddocks.
    I believe the animal and human should choose each other and Harry obviously had plans 🙂

  7. I want one!!! He’s beautiful. This morning as I drew in my journal my new life (my birthday today) there were two dogs, and then here’s Harry making his debut. Must be a sign of love and happiness that we already have and to come. Thank you nicole that made my day!!!

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