Nurse Bert

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“A nurse will always give us hope,
an angel with a stethoscope.”
~Terri Guillemets


Nurse Bert is very busy right now.  As well as looking after me as I travel through extensive and arduous Lyme disease treatment, he is now caring for young Harry as well.

Harry had surgery for his bottom jaw yesterday.  If you’re not caught up with my blog you can read about Harry’s problems here:

Will you still love me broken?

Here’s brave young Harry at the University of Queensland Vet Clinic, about to embark on his operation.

2013-05-23 09.10.08

Bert has always been a caring dog by nature.  He picks up the slack as my Business Assistant whenever the work is getting on top of me…

PA Bert

and he has been the Protector of his younger brother since Harry was a tiny pup.

2013-01-10 12.09.58


We’re so lucky that Bert found his way to us.  His own story is quite remarkable as well:

Treasure in a Cardboard Box

Well, Nurse Bert has my cup of tea and morning meds ready, so I must go. Wishing you all a fabulous weekend, filled with self-care, lots of rest, and a little bit of magic.  Bless ♥ xx

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22 thoughts on “Nurse Bert

  1. Trust Bert’s adaptable paws are adjusting to juggling those important duties plus has time for lovin’ and treats! 😀 As we both know, such responsibilities must be rewarded well! 😀

  2. Bless Burt for being such a wonderful nurse and bless Harry and his amazing bravery from Auntie Cherry and Oscar ( a very loud snoring King Charles Spaniel ) xxxxxx

  3. What can I say about Bert? Nurse, friend, protector, best spooning partner and most handsome pup on the planet. And Hazza – I’ll be holding you in my thoughts today and tonight and for all of your surgeries to come. Auntie Carls will visit when you’re feeling a bit better xoxo

  4. Oh My …heart breaks for Harry. Pups should not have to suffer at all. I have a heeler with a slight overbite and only 1 testicle and just the thought of him having to go through surgery makes me crazy. I can’t imagine what they will do for Harry? Do they have to cut his jaw? or just pull teeth. I saw his little mouth picture and his is pretty severe. What a little angel he is. That’s how I found your blog I was looking at canine overbite info on the web and looked at “images” and saw a picture of Harry and clicked on it and here we are . Funny how that stuff works. Love your blog…thanks for all you have to offer the world. And a big thank you to all the marvelous heeler dogs on the planet. Love you Bert take care of your family and have a spot of tea for me too…lots of Aloha

    1. HI Patricia! Poor old Harry has NO testicles, well not anymore…

      Because of his severe overbite they pulled Harry’s lower canines when he was a pup. And then at just short of six months they shaved the top off his adult lower canines, and now a month later they have cut the lower canines right back and then filled them. If they pull the teeth it weakens the whole jaw and can lead to fractures and terrible mouth injuries.

      Now that the anesthetic has worn off he is quite his old self again…

      We re just sitting down to a cup of tea and biscuits all round right now. Love and Blessings, Nicole xx

  5. Ah nurse Bert is a sweetheart…and poor Harry looks so sad…sending you all much love as we sit in front of a whispering fire on a dark coldwintery night in what is our summer whilst we munch left over easter eggs joyfully discovered deep in the boot of the car… sending you on some..bliss that is not easter eggs…xxx

  6. Surrounded by love nurses flowers and birds! Perfect.. Thank you for caring about us out here caring about you! Much love! Xxxxxx

  7. Sending you healing love light and energy as you rest and continue on this healing journey. Great to see Bert taking such great care of you
    Namaste and all my love ♥♡♥

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