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I got problems.

Mum’s in bed, and I was just trying to amuse myself.  And it’s nearly breakfast.

I was hungry.

Also, my teeth hurt.

So I tried to be good.  I ate the zip off my mum’s travel bag.  It felt good to nibble all the teeth off one side.  It was so good that I found one of her boots and ate the zip off that too.  But then there were no more zips.

Mum was still asleep.  I was trying to be quiet.  It was boring.  I ate a computer cable and the thing that makes her other thing plug into the big thing. It was crunchy.

I chewed the corner of the thing she reads but it made a bad sound, and also Mum started moving so I spat that kindle thing out fast. Not very tasty anyway.

There was also some paper.  I think it was tax?  It tasted real good.

But then I felt sick.

I was sick.  Mostly on Mum’s books.  But a bit on her not chewed boot.

Now I got problems…

Life is hard for small dogs around here.

Bye.  Love from Harry xx

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44 thoughts on “Problems…

  1. sorry I’m late with my reply but I JUST loved Harry and the zipper saga and many wonderful replies …I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING
    Cherry xx

  2. Oh ur up for some trouble!Everything’s fine, I understand, but the kindle, not the kindle man!Good u ate the taxes up!;) I feel for you buddy, but sorry, more for the kindle!You could have dug a bone outta backyard!!! KINDLE…..

  3. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! Hazza becomes Hazard! I sincerely hope it wasn’t Sokli pointing out thing for you to chew on, Mister. Anyway, be good for Mum and Dad now… ok sweet’ums? Big puppy hugs!

    1. Lucky he is so adorable. And it only cost $35 to get a new zipper for the boot. Bert chewed the toes out of my two best Italian leather boots (why didn’t he eat the cheap ones!!!) when he was a pup and there was no fixing them. At least Harry is a neat nibbler and didn’t gnaw the leather, just the zipper. Mind you, my travel bag’s had it…

  4. HAHAHAHA!! This is superbly funny….it has brightened my morning for sure! Telling this story from Harry’s point of view is just perfect! So clever….love it! God makes all his little creatures so cute just to help us keep loving them on days like these.. 😀 Have a great day Mum. xoxo

  5. Oh harry, you little mischievous little sprite!! I got problems too!! I’d rather be chained up on your beautiful porch than spend another day here with people anticipating and expecting my baby to arrive. …. I want her here, but its up to her not me!! The next person who stares at my belly and says ‘is she here yet’ might just get s smmavk on the bum snd chained up outside my place!!

    1. We’re thinking of you and sending lots of love. Your girl will arrive in her own time, just like everything she’ll do in life! And you’re welcome to borrow our ‘naughty chain’. {{{HUGS}}} xx

  6. Sweet Harry! Life’s full of lessons and challenges! Life will be good if you observe and listen to your lessons! Nothing’s perminant! Hope your teeth feel better xx

  7. OH MY HARRY…don’t worry you’ll get tired of all that junk food soon. My healers Honey and Max are 8 mo. old now and have graduated to plastic flower pots and strange things from under the house. Those boots are to tough to eat anyway. We love you so Harry and don’t worry about your overbite either…My Maxie has one too…its all good ..Doggie Love is the best..Aloha from all of us in Hawaii

    1. Oh Patricia, I laughed when I read about your pups bringing ‘strange things from under the house’! And as you can see, Harry’s overbite is not stopping him from eating, chewing and causing general puppy havoc.Sending lots of love from us to you, Honey and Max xoxo

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