My ‘One Lovely Blog’ Award

One of the things I’ve come to love about the blogging community is their generosity of spirit, their ability to connect us, one to another, and the crazy amount of awards that are out there for us to show our gratitude and appreciation to one another.

I’ve recently been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by the warm-hearted and kind Starr at The Misfit Baker, an awesome vegan baking blog, which I do hope you will visit!

The Rules for Award participation are:

  • Link back to the blogger who nominated you.
  • Paste the award image on your blog, anywhere.
  • Tell them 7 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 other blogs you like for this award.
  • Contact the bloggers that you have chosen to let them know that they have been nominated.
  • Resume blogging your regular posts.

So, for some more fascinating facts about me…

  1. I have collected rocks since I was old enough to pick them up.  I also have all manner of shells, feathers and interesting leaves… I just added five more to my collection a few days ago.
  2. I can make a meal out of nothing. There is almost always something in your pantry or fridge that I can turn into a tasty dinner!
  3. My current favourite crystal is Labradorite.
  4. I never realised, until very recently, just how bad I look in black.  I am in fact, a Light Spring, and wearing colours that match my energy makes me feel much happier.

    Image from
  5. I can’t walk in high heels. How ever do women run in them? That’s my idea of a super-human power!  But I wouldn’t waste a super-power wish on that – I’d ask for the ability to heal with a touch.  Now that would be awesome.
  6. Owls follow me everywhere.
  7. I am a Virgo, with a Virgo Rising, and my Sun is in Virgo. Venus, Pluto, Mercury and Uranus are in Virgo too. That’s WAY too much Virgo…
And the Bloggers I am nominating for this award (in no particular order) are:
Plucky Umbrella – for gorgeous images and poetry
Spilled Cookies – for inspiration and thoughtful offerings
jmgoyder – for poignant posts and wonderful photographs of animals and nature
Our Nourishing Journey – for advice and recipes, and great support for mothering, autism allergies and anxiety
healthdemystified – for sensible, pragmatic advice to improve health and wellbeing for you and your family
allthingsboys – caring posts, wisdom and beautiful images
istopforsuffering – buddhist philosophies, kindness and lots of love
bipolarlearningcurve – for honest and uplifting musings
Eat Pray Bake – vegetarian deliciousness you can make at home!
Source of Inspiration – just like the title suggests; for all things inspiring
veggiewitch – for pure vegan awesomeness and the right kind of humour and heart
Pacific NW Author – heavenly photographs and writerly offerings
monkiss – writing, life, love, humour and a good dose of reality
Julie Hansen Intuitive – heart, insight and all things intuitively good
Things My Belly Likes – for yummy recipes, especially gluten-free!
Please visit their blogs, and thank you very much for reading mine.  Your love and support mean the world to me.
I have a few more recent awards to blog about over the next little while, which is happy news for me, as I still have so many great blogs to shout out about!  Bless ♥ xx
Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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57 thoughts on “My ‘One Lovely Blog’ Award

  1. Many congratulations to you and to all your nominees! I’m interested in the colour chart thing, did you have that done for you? I know a friend who had it done by having different coloured scarves waved at her, and she and ended up wearing completely different colours from what she’d usually chosen. The change was amazing, and really positive. I would like to have it done but I’m afraid they’ll tell me to wear more brown. I suppose I’m a warm autumn, and whenever I wear brown I get positive comments, but I find it really dull to wear!

    1. I did get my colours done, and it was so revealing. I had been dressing in colours that made me look old and tired – and now I have this lovely jewel palette of colours that make my heart sing. Even warm Autumns get to wear more than just brown! I’m sure you could find some great highlighting colours. I think it’s worth finding out, Lorna. 😀 xx

    2. Thanks Nicole, I would like to do it some time. I’m delighted to hear that it’s transformed your wardrobe, I think it would do that with me, too. I used to dress almost entirely in black but in recent years I’ve introduced bright colours and I love wearing them although they’re not necessarily all quite right for me (I daresay bright pink isn’t in the palette!). I think it would be a nice thing to do with my mum and my sister, a sort of girly day out (which would, naturally, include taking afternoon tea somewhere lovely). 🙂

    3. Hi Lorna
      Hi Lorna

      There are so many colours autumns can wear other than brown. Beautiful oranges, greens all those “autumney” type of colours. True the springs and autumns are more of the “earthy” type of colours being on the “warm” side of the palette than the “cool” side, there are still some really vibrant fun shades too! It’s all in the “tone” of the colour, generally red tones or undertones for the warm palettes and blue tones and under tones for the cool palettes.

      Once you have your colours done there is no going back, your skin glows, you always look great and healthy and saves heaps, (no buying unnecessary pieces that are on special)!

      This would make a great girls day out as you suggested and don’t be surprised if you and your Mum (and Sister) are totally different, I am a light spring, like Nicole, and my Mum is a Winter.

      Have a heap of fun with this.

  2. Congratulations on another award Nicole, so well deserved for such dedication, discipline and not to mention a wonderful wordsmith!

    Virgo and Light Spring here too, love those colours!
    Peace, Love and Hugs
    Annette Xo

    1. I understand Nicole. You really don’t need to react on that, but I loved the title “illuminating award” because that is what your blog is doing, putting some light on various subjects, and it’s a reward that has just been created few days ago, so very rare have it already 🙂

  3. just wonderful! you certainly deserve it and liked the new things I learned about you as well. And a thanks for liking my recent, rather silly post: Eating my way through New Jersey…. 😀
    much love light and JOY

  4. Congratulations, Nicole!

    It’s fun to learn a little more about you too. I’m also a super Virgo — must be why we get along so well! I’m such a Virgo that when someone looked up my compatibility with other signs, they reported back that I was only compatible with other Virgos. Yep. Well, you can imagine what I thought about that!

    I used to be one of those women who ran around everywhere in heels. Tall ones. I once scaled a fence in them. Pointy ones. Then my mother bought me a pair of Uggs for Christmas a couple of years ago and I lost my magic ability to do everything on tippy toes. Now heels are an invitation to sprained ankles. (Insert angry, shaking fist in the air) Mom!

    1. I know! It was a long time ago, but I still remember scaling that fence in 4 1/2 inch heels as an achievement.

      It’s funny how I don’t quite think of my university degree in the same way…


  5. Hi Nicole–I am a huge fan of your blog and am really honored. Many, many thanks and many blessings to you and your continued work. Love-Julie p.s. I got my colors/colours (it’s better with an “o”) done last year and it changed my life!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!! you definitely deserve blog awards, and great to get recommendations for other blogs as well! lol! that is a lot of virgo! i thought i had a lot with moon, mercury, jupiter and pluto in virgo, but i’m reconsidering it! bask in your glory, no red carpet for the light spring in a stunning fuschia creation?? bless… sx 🙂

    1. lol! is labrodite one that helps connect you with aliens? hope so! happy discoveries with that lovely stone! 🙂

  7. When I lived in Italy, I would see women strutting around in high heels on cobblestones. I would fall on my face walking on cobblestones while wearing sneakers. Super power, indeed!

    1. I remember being in Rome, watching a woman sprint after her toddler in those crazy pole-dancer heels of terrifyingly high proportions – on cobblestones. And didn’t miss a beat. I was awed. They must be born to it! xoxo

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