In Defence of Fairies

The Forest Fairy – Image by Josephine Wall

Nothing can be truer than fairy wisdom.  It is as true as sunbeams.  ~Douglas Jerrold

Those of you who know me will also know that I believe in fairies.  In fact, you’ll know that I count a fairy as one of my dearest friends.

I found myself in an odd position on the weekend. I’m writing a novel with fairies as some of the main characters. And someone I hold in esteem told me that writing about fairies was not only unimaginative, but that children were no longer interested in such things.

Hmmm, I thought to myself.  I know I’m not a child but I’m interested in fairies.  And many of my friends and clients are too.  In fact, whenever I write about fairies I get flooded with enquiries about them, and how people might get to know one or attract one into their garden.

As this learned person talked to me, I felt myself becoming sadder and sadder.  Not only because they were so disparaging of fairies and all things magical (which is of course, the world I live in, although they did not know that), but because I believe fairies deserve to be known, and appreciated, and dare I say it, loved…

Not that fairies care.  They shall go on happily, regardless of us.  But we, we are the poorer for not knowing of them and the work they do in the natural world.

And if there is no room for magic in our lives, and for the ability to believe in things we cannot understand, if there is no room for wonder, well then, what is the point of life?

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58 thoughts on “In Defence of Fairies

  1. Far to true-a recent faerie tale. My brother with his family had been looking for a new home to house his beautiful but growing family, they were finding ig hard. Whenever i read their blogs i send my faerie blessings. Finally they found a home perfect for them. Their baby girl on investigating the yard called to her daddy “look daddy pretty pretty” when he came to see what it was he found a faerie statue in the garden. He felt it was me looking out for them as i love the faerie world and all its magic. He knew he was jn a good

  2. I want my son to have fairies in his life. How do I make friends with them? Are there fairy playgroups? That would be awesome. (I think the people who don’t believe in fairies might not have souls. Just a thought.)

  3. Humf… How sad for them that they have lost their sparkles!! My daughters have fairy dust in a little jar they wear around their necks. I’m also surrounded by children that love <3 love <3 love them whole heartedly. All I can say is the Toothfairy *ROCKS* at our house. Hearts n Hugs kel xx

  4. This lets me know a little something about the person that had so much to say on the subject of what YOU should write about.
    a. This person obviously does not have kids of their own and probably hold children in little regard.
    b. This person is a know-it-all that doesn’t know much.
    c. This person is not only out of touch with nature, and the wonder of all within, as well as out of touch with even the most basic reality.
    It’s sad. Don’t let them cramp your style. Count yourself blessed, however; not everyone can say they have seen a living fossil before, little-lone have one give them a lecture! 😉

  5. Nicole, my 3 year old daughter LOVES fairies, loves talking about them and hearing stories about them (so do I and we have an imaginary one called Rani living in our backyard). Her kindy has just set up a fairy house in one of their trees which the children love. They stuck a tiny door at the bottom of the trunk with a bell on it and around the tree is little stones and ornaments. I think all children love them, especially when they are pre-schoolers and their imaginations are unlimited 🙂 x

    1. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, as adults, we were able to still have that spirit of possibility and unlimited thinking? Thank goodness for playtime, stories and the parents and teachers who nurture this! ♥ xx

    2. yes, beautifully said. I think children give us the precious opportunity to revisit that long forgotten spirit of possibility and unlimited thinking (it was certainly long forgotten for me until my daughter came along lol!). it’s so natural for children, and such a wonderous, magical place to be. we all need fairies, unicorns, mermaids to remind us of that beautiful place 🙂 x

  6. Hmmm…the person you hold in esteem is not in your balcony it seems. You know what? The joy you have writing this book is more important than whether or not it makes lots of money. You feel the need to write it…there are many who will share that view with you. Your heart knows the right way…xoxo

    1. Thanks Jeannie! I have never written to make money. I have always written because I have a story in my heart that needs to be told. I don’t know how to write any other way. I agree, my heart knows, and I trust in that! Love and Light, Nicole xoxo

  7. I had a similar conversation with someone about reality recently. They were trying to convince me that there is only one and that it is fixed, while my stance and honestly my faith revolves around reality being what you perceive it to be. I couldn’t believe the lack of wonder and imagination that some people try to make it through life without. What a sad existence.

    I have to admit that I know nothing of fairies, but they sound very interesting.

  8. mmm!! it really would make life very dull not having the magical aspects as a part of our lives.. I looked over the post a few times before.. i decided to ask my heart the answer to this.. and then it came to me do as the fairies do, they remain happy in there own beingness regardless of any human belief systems and whatevers.. as they are a shining example of the absolute.. i kept getting caught in my thought of wanting to some how find a way to make people see the magic around them… but mayb the best thing to do is hold our own spaces of truth, knowing, gratutude and magic..
    like the fairies and know that the energy will ripple out throughout the world and universe.. and have a magical effect on all beings as we are all one.. ❤❤❤
    A big big thankyou to all the fairies out in the world for being such a fundamental part of us and special our world.. with luv from my heart. x

  9. Nicole, your truth and ours will live on far beyond the sceptical naysayers welcome across. You always remind us that belief in something requires a piece of ourselves invested in it. All our lives are richer for your shared wisdom and joy,and the beauty you create with your words. Thank you , both you and Sokli for sharing your experiences with us. Much love. Susan x

  10. I know that you hold this person in high esteem, but I get the feeling that he personally thinks writing about fairies is unimaginative and is projecting that viewpoint onto everyone else.

    And it doesn’t sound like he knows very many children either. Maybe he does; there are a lot of precociously cynical children out there (it is just me, or are there more than there were when we were young?), but that doesn’t mean that there are not a lot of children who love and believe in fairies. Boys and girls.

    On US TV right now, there were two programs about fairy tales with fairies that premiered and became the most popular shows this year: Grimm and Once Upon A Time. This is not to say that fairies only exist in terms of fairy tales, but it just points to the fact that if it were such an unimaginative and uninteresting topic, how could those shows have survived without viewers?

    I personally think your book is going to be amazing. I certainly look forward to buying a copy because I know that it will be imaginative and interesting! Among other things!

    1. I do hold them in high esteem, Daisy, but I also recognise that we can believe different things, although I must say the vehemence of their assertions took me by surprise!

      Fingers crossed that my books will be interesting and amazing. Thanks so much for your support – it means the world. 😀 xx

    2. I can’t help but think that people who have those kinds of opinions must have some kind of deep-seated fear. It is understandable if you had a bad or traumatic encounter with something or something. But if you hadn’t, it’s hard to say where that vehemence comes from.

      Do you think this person was roughed up by gangsta fairies 😉

  11. So very sad when the wonderment of our universe is lost by so many. If anyone tells me that they don’t believe in nature spirits, in mediumship, in healing etc, either because they haven’t experienced it themselves , or because they feel there is no ‘hard scientific evidence’ I always ask them if they feel love exists, to which they invariably say yes. I tell them that love can’t be measured in a laboratory, it can’t be physically ‘seen’ or physically ‘felt’ but that its importance in the world is paramount. That hopefully makes them think a little more and maybe, just maybe, they may be more ‘open’ and more ‘aware’ of the possibilities of a hidden magical world!

  12. I remember reading a fairy book when I was @12, it said to get rid of freckles to collect morning due and dance backwards around a tree, so I did! Oh and I still have freckles.
    I keep forgetting my sElf at work and animatedly add my 2c worth and get met with silence and stares and One will invariably say ‘do you believe in that crap?’ It still brings me up short and a bit shocked that ‘they’ don’t know what I am sharing is ‘real’, well in my world. My reply is “Yes, I do from my own experience”
    Blessings to Sokli and you Nicole, as you continue to merrily Light Up the Worlds xo

  13. the knowing of the intellect versus the knowing of lived experience, in italian they have two different verbs for this – sapere (intellect) and conoscere (experience) – may your learned friend be lucky enough to experience the joy and wisdom of the many invisible beings who surround us! my friend with fairy magic photographs fairies and nature spirits all the time! looking forward to the book you and sokli are writing – have fun and confidence in your truth! sprinkling our day with fairy magic! sx

  14. Your friend is so wrong about children not being interested in fairies – I knew a four year old boy not so long ago who wanted to be a fairy when he grew up and all he wanted for his 5th birthday was a fairy party!

  15. Whilst people may say they don’t believe in things they can’t see, that’s usually not true. What they actually believe is what they are routinely told or what is deemed acceptable by those around them, or those they believe to have credibility. Water boiled turns to steam and ‘disappears’ – we do not believe it ceases to exist. We “know” there is an enormous sound spectrum we cannot hear, I’m sure the same is true of sight. Before the microscope and telescope most would not have believed a tiny spectrum of things they now accept as routine. Even the deepest cynic will find there are thousands of things they believe in that they cannot see, if they think about. I don’t know about fairies, or ghosts, or a myriad of other things, but I know very credible people who say they do. I think it’s sad that our culture is such that most people who perceive things differently are too afraid to reveal it. Many people are colour blind – colour does not cease to exist for everyone else.
    Much love to Sokli and her crystal magic 🙂

  16. I teach elementary school, and please rest assured that children….both girls and boys….have a joyful belief in fairies, a sense of wonder and magic…and, as long as their children are young, their parents are also transported by, and reconnected with, that sense of magic and wonder…As you write…”the ability to believe in things we cannot understand”….unfortunately, children and their parents might drift away from that sense of wonder….or, even more unfortunate, may never have connected at all… and so, I consider that sense of wonder to be a blessing, whether in children or adults…. : )

  17. As a child I planted a circular garden of little succulents and would dance around it with the fairies,I still sleep with the sheet over my ears because naughty pixies would yell in my ears at night,I know fairies live in my garden under my cliveas,you are never too old to feel the joy that
    fairies bring to your garden.Believe.xxxx

  18. I’m sorry that you had such a sad experience. I think in order to have any hope of appreciating things we don’t understand, and can’t prove logically by scientific tests, we need to retain a sense of childlike wonder about the world and beyond. Nobody has all the answers, and even if they don’t believe in a god, or fairies, or anything else supernatural or inexplicable, they should respect those who do. People who completely discard the idea of a spiritual element in their lives are missing something potentially life enhancing. It can be hard to accept things without having proof, but that’s what faith is about, and we each have to work on that in our own way. I’m not a very spiritual person, and I struggle with believing in things that seem to come very naturally to you, but I can see how positive a force it is for you and for many other people, and I have already benefitted greatly from your spiritual wisdom, despite my natural reluctance. I think it’s a great pity if someone closes their mind to the possibility of adding a spiritual dimension to life. For those of us who are living this more one dimensional life, it can be much easier to pooh-pooh the metaphysical, and so protect ourselves from the fear of taking a step into the unknown. Take heart, Nicole, you have a richness of life that many of us admire and hope to gain ourselves one day.

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