It’s an Eyeball Thing…

Image from Etsy
Image from Etsy

“If you can’t laugh when things go bad – laugh and put on a little carnival – then you’re either dead or wishing you were.” 
~ Stephen King, Under the Dome

I have an eyeball thing going on right now, so I’ll keep this post short.

My poor left eye is not happy with all these meds I am taking to kill my lyme disease and other nasty co-infections. So it’s protesting by doing this wiggly little dance up and down in my skull, otherwise known as nystagmus.

Makes it kind of hard to focus. So writing is tough. My plan today is to sleep long enough that when I wake up it has miraculously fixed itself.

Fingers crossed…

And if it doesn’t?

Well, it gives me a great reason to wear my trusty pirate eye patch.

Who doesn’t look better as a pirate!

Image by Alpha Mom
Image by Alpha Mom
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15 thoughts on “It’s an Eyeball Thing…

  1. Cute, One of myfavourite shots is also of my daughter as a pirate. Ever checked out the eyes in Kathmandu Nepal, I really got eyeballed there….i’ll post an eyeball for you if you like… Good luck hope you see better soon.

  2. Poor you Nicole…perhaps with that eye patch and a good long snooze you dream up some fuel for your pirates and fairies tale …I for one can’t wait to see it in the book shops .
    take care Nicole .
    Cherry xx

  3. Hi Nicole,

    I’ve been reading your blog for sometime now and I suppose I was concerned for you health and unsure what Lyme disease is and how do you get it.

    Yesterday, I went to see a practitioner and after the allergy testing Karen found I have a Lyme disease and she is treating me for the same thing. I wanted to pass on her details and hope you can benefit from her natural therapies.

    Her name is Karen Scott, and she is a Bioresonance practitioner

    Please see below her address and phone number.

    Abundant Energy & Healthy Living 7 Scribbly Close Lota 4179 QLD

    Mobile: 0416 843 432 Phone: 3396 7818

    in love and light.


  4. I had a cyst cut out of my R eye a couple of weeks ago, it’s much better than it was, but I’m so sensitive to light. Can’t wait to get my new tinted glasses tomorrow. Keep up the lubricating eye drops, they help me lots anyway. Rest well.

  5. is this the same eyeball as last time or is the other one gone out in sympathy now?? here’s squinting at you kid! hugs from improvement! sx

  6. Ugh, I totally feel ya. My eyes have been blurring for the last two days as a result of my happy little metabolic issue, whatever the heck it is. But what can you do? I just kinda soldier on and hope it gets better tomorrow. Which it will, dagnabit.

    Hope yours does too! Hugs from me! A nap sounds good over here, too. 🙂

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