Brrrrr – that feels AMAZING!

If we always choose comfort we never learn the deepest CAPABILITIES of our mind or body.

Wim Hof

Hey, Lovelies.

Yesterday we did something quite mad.
And it was so good we’re gonna do it again today.

Ben and I jumped into our freezing cold pool (it’s winter here but even in Summer our pool is cold!) for some cold water therapy.

Ten minutes immersed to our necks.

It took a couple of minutes to get past the shock, after which I went kind of numb.
When it was over and I hopped out again, I lay in the midday sun for ten minutes to warm back up.

Oh, it was heavenly, and I felt SO exhilarated and alive afterwards. You know, that crazy feeling where you want to run around in circles at high speed? That kind of feeling. What a buzz!

Health goals! Hooray for that.
Why did we do such a mad thing? Cold water therapy is great for boosting your immune system, improving circulation and reducing inflammation.
How about you? Have you ever done a cold water bath or swim? Are you a fan? I’d love to know.
Love, little shivers, and big smiles, Nicole xx

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7 thoughts on “Brrrrr – that feels AMAZING!

  1. Wow I find this so amazing, I tried it the other day after you fb live that you were off to do it afterward – it was a hot day, Sunday, and I only lasted about 2min, if that!! I was swimming lengths, and got ice cream headache, maybe next time I’ll try not putting head in……oooooh Brrrrrr I’m chilly just thinking about it!! Yay for you!

  2. We went camping at a small mountain lake in Oregon in May of this year. The water was very very cold but I got in both mornings and enjoyed the very cold water. I do contrast showering as my husband is a big fan of Wim Hof and he got me into it. i tried Wim Hof’s breathing techniques for a month or so as well but didn’t enjoy the breathing as much as the cold showers! Cold water can be so exhilarating and is so good for us!

  3. It is the rainy “winter” season in Costa Rica. I have to swim to keep my deteriorating back in shape. We had several days of constant rain and finally it stopped. The morning was still cloudy but I needed to swim. The water was freezing from all the rain and no sun, but I did it! Good to know that it helps with inflammation and immune system.

  4. I grew up swimming in the lake near home. Even in the summer it is never very warm, but always refreshing. Cools your inner core in 30C weather. I think the earliest in the year I had the nerve to go in was April. I wasn’t in long!

  5. I’m a tropical girl through & through..jumping into a pool though could be a possibility if I swam to get warmed up. Laying in the sun sounds perfect, listening to birdsong & gazing at the sky… Enjoy!

  6. On our recent week at Moreton Island I got up early each morning and went down to the beach for a cold water swim. It felt so therapeutic and connected me deeply into my grandparents who swam in the ocean early each morning, summer and winter for the latter half of their lives. My brothers and I thought them mad, but they lived long healthy lives.

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