An Important Message from Santa’s Reindeers


“I’d just never get the job done without my trusty Reindogs I mean Reindeer – they deserve something tasty after all that hard work!” ~ Santa

Hello People!

This is an important Christmas Eve Message about Santa and his Reindeer from Reindeer Bert and Reindeer Harry…

It is very thoughtful for you to leave a little snack out for Santa. Christmas Eve is a big night for him, and he needs to keep his energy up to get all of those presents delivered.

But Reindeer need snacks too.

Please don’t feed them grass. Grass makes Reindogs Reindeer fart, which is not a good thing unless you are the lucky front Reindeers.

Image from pt for wallpaper

Image from pt for wallpaper

Hay is no good. Carrots and apples are bad too.

What Reindeer like is dog snacks. Or biscuits. Or cat treats.

And a nice big bowl of water.

Image from

Image from

Thank you for caring for Santa’s Reindeers!

Merry Christmas!!!

Woof 🙂

Reindeer Dogs by Ursus Arctos

Reindeer Dogs by Ursus Arctos

11 thoughts on “An Important Message from Santa’s Reindeers

  1. Very cute. As well as reindog food, I am sure Bert and Harry will have Christmas stockings waiting for them in the morning…. with a nice ball in the toe and other exciting things. xxxx

  2. Merry Christmas Nicole to your family, and trusty reindeer’s! Hope you have a healthy 2014. Thank you for all your blog posts, and look forward to next year’s. Best wishes Anita xx


  3. Have a very Merry Christmas and please pas on that we are serving T-Bones to all Reindeer this year especially the ones from “down under” Lost of hugs and pets to all

  4. Hello Nicole, I would like to wish you and the two of the most handsome-ist reindeer a lovely Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. I’m so glad I’ve stumbled across your blog. PS I can leave cat biscuits out for the raindogs tho I’d best check with my cats first 🙂

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