Adventures in Toowoomba!

Image from Be A Fun Mum
Image from Be A Fun Mum

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”
~ Eleanor Roosevelt


My darling husband has brought me to Toowoomba for a few days for a ‘romantic getaway’.

Or so the story goes.

If we get to the heart of the matter, Ag Show is on. Yep, that’s right – three days of farm machinery, cattle, chainsaws and ride-on mowers, water tanks, fodder crops, cool organic things, agricultural breakthroughs, solar innovations, sheds, seeds, septic tanks, windmills and other good stuff.

Romantic indeed! 🙂

Image from Discount Tractors
Image from Discount Tractors

It doesn’t matter. I love Toowoomba – it’s a gracious old country town with some lovely borrowed concepts from bigger places. The spring flowers are all coming into bloom and the town is looking green, vibrant and so very pretty.

We’ve found a few exceptional coffee places, and last night we ate dinner at a fabulous Turkish restaurant – Sofra’s. It was so good we’re thinking about going back again tonight!


I have a few things on my shopping list while Ben is clambering over tractors and going misty-eyed over some big impressive piece of machinery. (Get the red one, Ben! I hear that they’re the best.) . I’m on the lookout for some fancy new gumboots, a lightweight rain jacket, a broad-brimmed sun hat, organic soil conditioners, and some speed-feed – a summer fodder crop for my very spoilt moo-cows.

I’m also going to find a little coffee shop today, and have a pot of tea, a toasted sandwich and a piece of cake, in memory of my beloved Nana, who would have celebrated her ninety-ninth birthday today. I’m still missing her enormously, and I know she would have loved being here in Toowoomba with us.

This time last year I celebrated her birthday in another country town, before meeting up with my good friend Carly to celebrate my own birthday.

A year ago I was a one-eyed pirate in congestive heart-failure who could only manage an hour or two of activity between rests due to the intensity of my treatment for late-stage Lyme disease. Walking anywhere much was out of the question. I was too weak. Too sick. How far I have come. And this year Carls is coming to me down at the farm for my birthday. It shall be a cake fiesta!

Anyway, lovelies, I must go. Coffee, and the romance of tractors and cows, awaits. (((HUGS))) xoxo

Image from Ground Up Espresso Bar
Image from Ground Up Espresso Bar
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8 thoughts on “Adventures in Toowoomba!

  1. sounds like a very fun outing to me! i love sheds and things! glad to hear that you could combine the romantic getaway with some fun things for you too! do post a pic of your new gumboots!

  2. I remember your birthday last year with Carly …poor you …what a wonderful friend you have Nicole . It’s great to see you looking so much better . Have a happy birthday and enjoy your cakes .Happy birthday to Nana as well .

  3. What a great balance: the flower festival, ag show, happy memories, new restaurant/cafe discoveries, sharing your birthday with a friend, laughing your way through the cake fiesta. LIFE’S GOOD. Have a happy birthday Nicole xox

  4. I hope you have a wonderful romantic getaway and you find the most perfect pair of gumboots! I am sure they will be on “special” too! lol Enjoy your Nana’s birthday cake and all the loving memories I’m sure will surface ! How fantastic that your friend Carly is well enough also to make the trip to visit you for your birthday “cake fiesta” on the farm! I wish you the BEST BIRTHDAY ever Nicole! Filled with fun, uncontrollable laughter, love, constantly improving health & everything your heart desires! Enjoy!

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