A Newsy Update and Writing Reminder

2014-10-30 18.09.04

“Are you ready?” Klaus asked finally.
“No,” Sunny answered.
“Me neither,” Violet said, “but if we wait until we’re ready we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives, Let’s go.”
~ Lemony Snicket, The Ersatz Elevator


This will be quite a newsy post, hence the title.

Breaking News and Announcements:

  1. Husband Update: Ben is doing better. He has even been able to enjoy the delights of hospital jelly. Mmmmm….. Jelly! I’ve been able to spend hours and hours of quality time with him – just him and me in a room, talking about life and the meaning of the world, shooting the breeze and laughing about the dogs. There is nothing like a health hiccup to help you refocus and re-prioritise. Thank you so much, everyone, for your kind thoughts, messages of support and visits. We love you xx
  2. Dog Update: The first two days of being in the city went quite quickly. But now the boys are over it and wishing that Dad was home, and that we were back at the farm. They have taken to being completely and ridiculously overprotective of me. “Mum, there’s a possum on the roof – let us jump on top of you while you sleep, waking you abruptly while completely squishing the life out of you. Now we will bark as if the house is under threat from hostile military invasion. Feel protected! Now Bert will fart. Badly. Because he always does that when nervous or afraid. When’s Dad coming home?” Meanwhile Harry keeps wanting to take me to the car so we can go get Ben and then head to a cafe. It’s been way too long. 2014-10-28 18.49.13
  3. Halloween Update: Candy Munchers Beware! All I have for you is organic apples and oranges. No time for spooky cupcakes this year. Oh, alright, maybe a few… fca376c2e92039abbc46c8b756401488
  4. Me Update: It’s my second week of being completely drug-free while my liver and kidneys had a Lyme Drug Holiday. Oh my goodness – I’m beginning to remember what human feels like! This week I realised how much I depend on Ben for just about everything right now, and how my world crumbles when he is under threat. Love that man so much. Just want for us both to be well, and able to be out in the world enjoying life again. Upstairs, if you are listening, enough already! Okay? Also, why did you make Bert part skunk? Just sayin’… We’re dying here. Even Harry, who is a dog and who you think would adore farts, is not coping with Bert’s sudden onset stress and defense mechanism. 2014-10-28 18.57.56
  5. NaNoWriMo: Yep. National Novel Writing Month. That month-long insanity where we use November to write 50 000 words and get our book done. As a shitty first draft anyway. Cos what could be easier? It starts TOMORROW, so writing buddies I am calling out to you to pony up. It’s nearly time. Sharpen your pencils. Organise your favourite beverages. Muster your thoughts. We’re doing this! And it’s not too late to join us. More details here2012-05-17 07.34.52
  6. Journalling Challenge: We have two more days to get this week’s activities finished. Tune into my facebook page later today for details of our facebook party tomorrow, where I’ll be online to chat and answer all your questions. Also, there will be an awesome give-away. So join us, and be part of the fun. I might even give away Bert! (NO! Just kidding…) 2014-10-26 08.26.16
  7. End Of Year Spiritual Retreat With Me: Need a recharge? Some very personalised guidance? Pampering and organic food? Healing and energy work? Some cool artsy and spiritual workshops? Meditation and journalling? Fun and friendship? Learning how to use your own spiritual gifts? Ready to work out what’s stopping you so that you can truly make the most of 2015? Want to hang out with some beautiful Soul Sisters? Come join us in Byron Bay. Details here.

So that’s my news. Happy Halloween from all of us!

Wishing you some Creepy Cupcake Madness,

Lots of love, Nicole and family xoxoxo


Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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11 thoughts on “A Newsy Update and Writing Reminder

  1. I know how you feel Nicole about being dependant on Ben, know how much I rely on Des. I would love to come to your retreat, only that look like the week we will be moving. I have it on my bucket list for 2014. look like 2015 now- please put me on the retreat list 🙂 Love and blessing and see you at you party on Fb today xxxoo

  2. “Happy Halloween” Everybody! Thanks for the update Nicole! Glad to hear Ben is on the mend and that you are having a reprieve from your drug regiment and feeling human! Love the funny anecdotes on the dogs! Bert’s just ‘expressing his anal glands’ aren’t ya big fella? lol Perhaps it’s a good thing I’m over here in Canada! Phhheeewweee! lol
    Oh & I wonder if those Australian Candy Munchers know how good they got it?! I’m sure they do! Lol. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

  3. Dear Nicole,
    I’m so glad for you that Ben is recovering well and that you have been able to have a break from your Lyme drugs. I had a thought for you to try that may help Bert’s stress a little. You could take him one of Ben’s tops that he’s worn in hospital so that Bert has some fresh scents of his Dad. Wishing you love, light and fresh air!

  4. Hello Nicole, I just wanted to tell you how much it means to me to have found your blog. I did a random Google search today for “How to make friends with Fairies” and was instantly drawn to one of your posts about Sokli, and then I noticed your name was Nicole (which is also my name), and the whole experience just totally re-confirmed my faith in the magic of life. Thank you so much for the healing that you have given me without even knowing it. I look forward to reading the rest of your posts. Love and light!

  5. It sounds like things are looking up! I’m so relieved. As for Bert, I thought I’d share. We thought out terrier was part skunk too, until I put him on a grain-free diet. Wicked farts are gone!!! I hope it can be that easy with Bertie. He seems so devoted…

  6. Ah! I haven’t started the journal thing yet…. oh no… but I do have a lovely journal picked out!? Also, I may try nano this year. I’ve done it in the past, but… not the past couple years. Maybe it’s time to start again! 😀

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