Keeping Bert Quiet…

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“The way you help heal the world is you start with your own family.”
~ Mother Teresa


Nurse Bert is healing well from his cruciate ligament surgery. Next week he’ll have an x-ray to see if the bone has healed. If it looks good, the vet says Bert will finally be allowed to run free. He’ll be able to climb stairs, to race through the paddocks with his brother Harry, and to jump on and off all of the furniture to his heart’s content.

But now, of course, our dear boy must remain confined to a small room. No mad racing around. No walks, unless he is on the lead and strictly supervised for short outings only. NO overdoing it.

I know this one well, having lived with lyme disease and various other maladies for so long. You get a whiff of energy and you instantly want to do all the things. That’s a recipe for pushing too far, overdoing it, or even causing damage.

So as much as Bert hates being confined we are playing the caution card, and keeping him quiet. We’ve even taken to bringing him with us for trips in the car just so that he gets a change of scenery. He loves that!

I can tell Bert’s feeling better because he is itching to escape. He has the spark back in his eyes, and he’s eager to regain his freedom. I feel a little mean to keep him quiet, but it’s the only thing to do until we are sure that the bones are strong and that everything is where it should be after such major surgery.

So for now it’s short walks into the yard and back, and lots and lots of cuddles.

We’re all looking forward to him being back to his nimble self.

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5 thoughts on “Keeping Bert Quiet…

  1. That’s the problem with dogs who always need to be busy doing something. It’s so hard to keep them quiet once they decide they are better. Hopefully the days leading up to the appointment go quickly and he’s able to get all that energy out soon.

  2. I have fell hook line and sinker for Burt…it’s the eyes so full of character and longing for adventure . He has been though the mill …wet sloppy kiss from Oscar and hugs and kisses from me . Can we have a photo of his first run in the paddock ?

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