Brave Nurse Bert’s Operation

2015-04-20 18.14.41

“The world is come upon me, I used to keep it a long way off, But now I have been run over and I am in the hands of the hospital staff.”
― Stevie Smith, Selected Poems

Poor Bert! The lump in his neck had not responded to antibiotics. As soon as we took him off the drugs it sprang up, immediately and painfully.

So yesterday he had surgery.

It all went very well, and our vet removed a rather large grass seed that was at the heart of the mass.

2015-04-20 18.20.53

Bed rest for Nurse Bert and I today.

Please send him lots of love.

Although I think he’d prefer magical cheese, or a pizza….

I promise to give him lots of healing hugs!

Nicole xx

2015-04-20 18.14.28

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20 thoughts on “Brave Nurse Bert’s Operation

  1. Oh, I got all teared up seeing the sad face photo of Bert. He is a such a cutie! I am so glad he has lots of love and good care. Go ahead – give him a little cheese.
    Love to you, Nicole. <3

  2. Poor nurse Burt ….what a brave incredible dog. Sending a whole bucket of wet sloppy kisses from Oscar who is not a happy chap because he has flees and his mum has done everything possible to get rid and they just ain’t leaving .
    Cherryx ..extra xxxx s for a brave boy .

  3. Poor Bert, no wonder he had been in pain that was a nasty looking grass seed! That precious face – he has so much character. Sending him lots of healing prayers, love and hugs. Enjoy your day of bed rest too xx

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