Everyone’s Asking What Our Secret Projects Are!

To keep your secret is wisdom, but to expect others to keep it is folly.

 Samuel Johnson

Hey, Lovelies.

I’ve mentioned that my team and I are working on some secret projects right now.

Of course they are a secret. How else can I surprise you once they are finished?

But, so many of you have been asking about them (or asking my staff, hoping one of them might crack and reveal the truth!) that I decided to let you see part of one our development conversations from last night. I did have to censor just a few key words, but the rest is pretty clear.

If you still can’t figure it out (and that is only one of three things we have in the pipeline) you’ll need to be patient just a little longer. After all, what good is a secret if everyone knows about it?

Much love, and a few luscious surprises that will be well worth the wait, Nicole xx

PS – this pic below has NOTHING to do with the secret, but it’s cute, so I used it!

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2 thoughts on “Everyone’s Asking What Our Secret Projects Are!

  1. “… but not overstep the sea monster, death island, and the ship…” Talk about a TEASER!!!!
    Love it! Love you, Nicole and your fantabulous, amazing, creative, incredibly wonderful team.
    Sending you all love! And as one who has sailed upon the sea – I seriously can’t WAIT!

    1. Thanks, Jo-Anne! Part of me still can’t believe this was an earnest and serious work conversation that I allowed you all to eavesdrop. My life is fabulous!!! And I promise this secret is a good one xx

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