Harry Dog To The Rescue

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.

Marc Brown

Hey, Lovelies.

Yesterday I was home alone with the dogs. It was also a heavily scheduled day of client readings for me.

I stayed locked in my writing room, and after their breakfast and ablutions Ben left the dogs to roam the house while he headed out for the day.

Situation normal.

Or not.

Ben left early, and I started early, and I worked until around 11am before I took a break. Harry dog greeted me at my door as I stepped out of my room. He then began running backwards and forwards excitedly towards the garage.

No, mate, I said. Sorry. We’re not going in the car.

Harry looked at me like I was an idiot.

Do you need to do a wee? I asked him.

No. He did not.

As I stood in the kitchen making a cup of tea Harry kept running towards me and then running back to the garage.

What’s up? I asked him.

Didn’t need to do a wee. Couldn’t go in the car. I had no idea.

I took my tea out to the deck and as I sat down Harry nipped me. Not hard. Just a little nip. Enough to get my full attention.

Okay, okay.

I followed him, but this time he took me to the front door, not the garage.

There, waiting outside was a frantic Rufous, whom Ben had locked out of the house hours earlier.

I opened the door and Rufie raced into the house, ears down and scared, and straight under the desk in Ben’s office, where he stayed for most of the rest of the day.

Harry hasn’t let Rufie out of his sight since then.

Thank goodness for Harry.

Rufie is still sticking tight to him and to us this morning. Freedom obviously wasn’t what it was cracked up to be.

We’re relieved our youngest pupster is safe and okay, although his ears aren’t quite back to normal yet after his scary lockout experience!

Hugs, dogs that sit right on your feet, mugs of tea and family love, Nicole xx

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PSS – Haha and Hooray if you read this far!

I am totally in love with this cover song of Elephant (Tame Impala) by the Wiggles, which recently won Australia’s Triple JJJ Hottest 100 competition…
That’s my soundtrack for today 😊🙏💖🐘

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4 thoughts on “Harry Dog To The Rescue

  1. I wonder if Roufus saw something he wasn’t supposed to see. Hah! Strange for a dog to be so frightened just because he was left out for a while. I think that most dogs would relish in the possibilities! 😊🐕🐕💗

  2. So wonderful to see some original Wiggles faces in that video! Sorry to hear about Rufous’ rough day. I hope he is feeling a bit better today. Lovely boys🤎🤎

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