Public Service Announcement

Ah-hem…  Am I on camera? “Hello.”

“This is a Public Service Announcement.”

Authorised by me. Bert. Nicole’s Personal Assistant.

“Nicole is writing. Not blog writing. Other writing. So we apologise for this interruption to the blogging process. Normal blogging will resume tomorrow.”

“We thank you for your co-operation and understanding.”


Did I do that right? I feel a bit shy now…

I don’t get paid enough for this!

15 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement

  1. Thanks for keeping me in the loop Bert – you did a gorgeous job. Now that these images of you have hit the www who knows where you may end up and the money might be better.
    Blessings Cheryl

  2. love ya bert, wiggle tail, munch, munch, munch, scratch belly, throw ball, snort, sigh, downward dog, stretch, relax, zzzzzz…. :o)

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