Heroes and Vulnerability

Name one hero who was happy.
~ Madeline Miller

Hey, Lovelies.

As some of you know I am slogging through NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) right now, creating a new beginning, a new sub-thread and an ending for the novel I began writing in NaNoWriMo 2021.

My hero is Dave.

I know – not a very heroic name, but it suits my character, who is not the shiny-bright hero type, even though it’s the kind of work he does.

The thing I’m working hard on in this rewrite is getting Dave’s own backstory right, and getting inside his head. It’s been harder than I expected. Dave has been so quick to share the action moments and all the highs, but the lows have been elusive. I guess it’s hard for someone, even a character, to truly show their vulnerabilities, until they have gotten to know you well enough that they can trust you with their secrets.

That might sound dumb because, after all, I am the author and creator of this tale. Still, that’s not how it has worked for this story. Dave has been the one telling ME what will happen, and the why and the when and the wherefore. If he doesn’t share, I don’t know. This story is coming THROUGH me, so I need to be patient as it unfolds.

This morning has been successful. I’ve been able to move deep into Dave’s greatest pain and vulnerability. I feel like a therapist, or an emotional archeologist! This new understanding of Dave’s pain means I need to rewrite a bit more of the beginning, and a lot more of the middle, but for the first time I can see an ending, so I figure this roundabout way of working has been worth it.
I look forward to getting this manuscript finished, then edited, and out into the world. Dave’s story is a good one, the kind that makes you appreciate your own life story so much more. I can’t wait to share it with you.

Love, early morning word flurries, and a deep sense of wonder, Nicole xx

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