Misty Morning Pre-Christmas Happiness

2012-12-22 05.59.59

“Morning is an important time of day, because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to have.”
~ Lemony Snicket, The Blank Book

Saturday morning, 22 December, 2012.  The world hasn’t ended.

Instead Harry the pup woke me up, and after a cuddle the dogs and I went for an early walk to pick frangipani to decorate the house. I’ve only been home since yesterday, after another round of doctors visits and such up in Brisbane, and our little cottage needs some fresh blooms and Christmas spirit.

The farm was shrouded in light mist, but it soon lifted and we were treated to an early morning balloon fly-over.

2012-04-05 06.21.59

Today, it’s beginning to feel like Christmas. Until yesterday I wasn’t even sure how this year’s Christmas might look… I’ve been mostly away from my precious farm, thinking more about health things than celebration.

But now it’s shaping up nicely. Today we’re going into the Farmers Markets in Bangalow to pick up some supplies, and we’ll meet friends for coffee.

Then after a few hours work for me today it’s tree and decoration time. (Nothing subdued about that around here – our place at Christmas always looks like a team of sugar-high five year olds were let loose with too much tinsel.)

I am a firm believer that Christmas is what you make of it.  It can be a difficult day for many, who are on their own, far from home, or estranged from family and friends.  We’ve always had an open-door policy for Christmas. For me the spirit of Christmas is all about inclusiveness and love.

I invited a few friends around to share our day. My girlfriend wanted to contribute something and rang me, needing to know what our theme was.


Oh my, how that brought back memories of my mother’s over-the-top Christmas Extravaganzas with eleborate menus and colour co-ordinated place settings.

Theme?  Tropical! I decided.  Why not? Let’s ‘theme’ Christmas.

And then something magical happened. Another friend with nowhere to go, and then a few more… “Oh, yes,” I kept saying, “do come. It’s a ‘Tropical’ theme!” Everyone became engaged.  A Tropical theme? Pina Coladas. Hawaiian shirts, floral leis, shorts and sarongs and flowers in your hair. Perfect for an Australian summer Christmas. (Yes folks from the other side of the planet – we don’t do snow at Christmas time – we do prawns (shrimp) on the Barbie (barbeque) with mangoes and watermelon and refreshing fruit drinks. I would think the world was ending if we had snow here at Christmas.)

I am getting excited now. I am planning menus and decor.  OMG – I have turned into my mother!!!  (I am trying not to think to hard on that last statement. LOL!)

So this morning Bert’s busy collecting wood for the evening bonfire…

2012-01-01 00.00.12-2

Harry is busy sleeping after running around like a demented pixie…

2012-12-21 07.44.02

Ben and I are getting ready for a Tropical Themed Christmas – quite fitting for Byron Bay.

I’d better get the rum and fruit cake ready for Santa and leave out some dog biscuits? for his Kangaroos.

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17 thoughts on “Misty Morning Pre-Christmas Happiness

  1. Good to see that Bert is earning his keep 🙂 And Harry is one adorable little puppy. So cute!

    Am sending you big hugs and much love, Nicole. I wish I could be there to piña coladas and wear flowers in my hair with you!

  2. Ooooh, a tropical Christmas, I love that idea! Here we are having a white Christmas – lots of snow and not nearly as cold in British Columbia as when I lived in Alberta (thank goodness!) – it’s so pretty. I must confess that a warm, green, tropical Christmas sounds very inviting, though. Have a wonderful, blessed time with love and laughter of all your friends and family! ~ Love, Julie xox

  3. Oh how very delightful … it would take a shift to know it’s summer for Christmas … although it’s often warm enough for shorts at Christmas … this year it’s predicted to be chilly!! Thanks for 6 white boomers rummaging around my head now!!! 😀

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

  4. Thank you for your funny post. Here it is cold, the trees have lost their leafs, time of silence. I ‘m glad the world isn’t finished, I knew she wouldn’t. A new beginning has come! It is easier to live love.
    I have celebrated christmas with trees,meals etc at my work but private I dont care at decorations. I celebrate it by be concious of the Christ in me and others. <3 🙂

  5. Happy Christmas Nicole …… your theme sounds wonderful. Have a great day with your family and friends. We really are blessed with the delicious colours, textures, flavours and frangrances we can load our tables with at this time of year to share a great Aussie Christmas! Oi, oi, oi.

  6. I would gladly swap the cold dark conditions here and all the festive seasons stress for a pina colada at your farm! Your tropical theme sounds wonderful and I hope it’s a very joyous time for everyone who walks through your open door.

  7. Marvelous! I love the photos, and that it’s summer there. I’d like to see (and smell) frangipani up close. And that must be The cutest Australian sheepdog/demented pixie I have ever seen! 🙂 Congrats on being found by your new puppy 🙂

  8. Ooh Prawn and Mango salad excellent choice for sticky summer Christmas day. Pavlova to finish? I’m doing trifle. Can’t wait! I wish you and Ben a wonderful Christmas. Blessings to you both. Love and big hugs Julia

    1. Menu? Sangria and Pina Coladas with nibbles. Thai carrot and green papaya salad with grilled baby octopus and king prawns (or marinated tofu for the vego and vegan peeps), Roast Lamb with Capsicum Jam and massive assortment of Every Roasted Vegetable, Summer Fruits Salad, Tropical Pineapple and Bourbon baked smoked Ham, and Cashew Pilaf for the meat-free, Ice-Cream Plum Pudding and Tropical Trifle Cake for dessert.

      And swims in the pool, bubbles and cold drinks, lots of laughs, good music, puppies and too much tinsel.

      Christmas Blessings and love to you, dear Julia xoxo

  9. Your first picture is absolutely superb, the frangipani against the misty background. I love the clip of Six White Boomers. It brought back some Christmas memories for me.
    Have a great Christmas.

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