This post brought to you by Randall…

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“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” 
~ Roald Dahl

Hi. I’m Randall. I live in Nicole’s garden, and I keep an eye on things for her. I’ve given her the morning off from blogging.  She was up all night with the hooting owls, the flutter of bats, and all manner of strange visitations.

The Orchard Man was back, swinging his lantern around in the cold last night. And some other lady. She was new, the lady.  Haven’t seen her before.

It happens like that around here sometimes. Oh, the things I have seen…

But of course, we gnomes never tell.  We pride ourselves in that.

Maybe Nicole will tell you all about it herself one day.  Or maybe not.

For now, I’m getting back to minding the crystals, and watching young Harry run around like a loon on the rain-soaked grass. Nice talking to you.  Might see you around.

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8 thoughts on “This post brought to you by Randall…

  1. Good morning Randall and it is nice to meet you. Thank you for telling us about the visit from the Orchard Man and the new lady. To tell you the truth I love hearing about the visitors that you receive. Take care of young Harry especially after his surgery and make sure (as much as anyone can) that Nicole takes it easy. Love to you and all at the farm. Chris

  2. Thank you Randall. So nice to meet you. I would love to hear your stories one day! How exciting to live in Nicole’s garden. Much love to you. I know you will be very quiet while Nicole sleeps and rests after her big night. Love to you all. Xxxx

  3. Dearest Randall come back some time and whisper us some secrets of the magic where it lives and how we can get more. I just love magic and could really fill up on some of that treasure and fun……what a giggle that would b for us…..oh oh…..shush be still now I think someone is coming and they might c u talking…..kisses Randall Im outta here….be good c u soon…xxxx

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