Lovely Miss Mae!

2014-01-22 11.32.13

“Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.”
~Mae West


Young Miss Mae is growing up to be an outgoing girl with abundant curiosity!

She loves to play chasey and hide-and-seek with our two dogs, Harry and Bert.  Never one to be shy she pushes to the front of the herd to say hello and see what’s going on, even as all the elders are trying to hide her at the back.

Mae drives her mother mad with her willful disobedience and reckless behaviour, and mum Violet is none too happy that Mae would rather sneak under the fence and come play in our backyard than hang out with all the more senior cows.

But what’s youth without a little adventure and some friends your parents don’t approve of?

Wishing you exciting escapades and a few crazy-good friends today too! 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Lovely Miss Mae!

  1. Oh look at her she is gorgeous – she may be even more trouble when she gets older! 🙂 I love cows and more particularly calves! I can’t explain it – I am not a country person but there is just something about them that makes me melt. Give her a hug for me please Nicole. Take care and sending you lots of positive and healing thoughts.

  2. Mae sounds a lot like her momma to me. Didn’t mom go wandering off a few times? Isn’t Mae the possible result of one of her escapades? Lol. She’s really adorable. I bet it’s fun to watch her play with the dogs.

  3. I love making crazy friends they are the best sort to have because they would be like me a little on the mad side …go for it Mae but don’t yer Momma I told you so
    Cherry x

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