Harry Dog Update

2014-11-20 06.33.34

“Constant attention by a good nurse may be just as important as a major operation by a surgeon.”  ~ Dag Hammarskjold


Young Harry is feeling a little brighter each day, and if we get the all-clear from the vet today we will take him home to the farm tonight!

He’s still quite tender and sore, and needs his rest.

How do you keep a crazy cattle dog quiet?

That’s no problem…

Nurse Bert saw Harry not resting and hustled him back to bed.

Good Nurse Bert gets a biscuit!

2014-11-20 06.33.57

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11 thoughts on “Harry Dog Update

  1. Very Happy to hear little Harry is getting better 🙂 We’ll need Nurse Bert soon too. Our little puppy Bexter snapped his leg yesterday, and Nigel is taking him to Gatton today to get it pinned and plated. Poor little thing 🙁

    1. Thanks Nicole. Got him insured now – his little legs are like twigs, have a feeling it’s not going to be the last time. He’s going to be fine; not moving (for a few days/weeks) will be a challenge for him. He’s busy little man.
      Wishing you a wonderful day! xx

    2. When Bert our awesome free dog (LOL) had his knee reconstructions we had to crate him and feed him magic kabana (sausage with sedative inserted). I still sometimes wish we had magic kabana on hand. Insurance sounds like the go! Thinking of you all and sending love xx

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