A Harry Dog Update

2015-01-10 05.12.37

“Constant attention by a good nurse may be just as important as a major operation by a surgeon.” ~ Dag Hammarskjold


Harry Dog is home from the vet, who has done all he can to help our puppy on his way to healing.

His little neck has been shaved, revealing lots of smaller abscesses and hotspots and all we can do now is wait for any remaining fragments of wood to work their way to the surface. It’s messy business.

2015-01-10 05.12.09

Nurse Bert was on the job as soon as his brother came home. He carefully sniffed Harry’s wound, and then checked him all over.

Bert is a very gentle nurse. Thorough and caring.

2015-01-10 05.11.27

But he wasn’t very happy about Harry’s current condition. Both dogs look so sad in this next picture below.

Harry has a severe systemic infection, but because our wonderful vet is taking holidays this week he allowed Harry to come home to us, knowing he’d be well nursed here and much happier than being caged and in the care of strangers.

We need to bathe his wounds, feed him drugs, keep an eye on him, and keep him comfortable.

2015-01-10 05.12.01

I’ve been continuing to use essential oils on Harry, and I’ve also been giving him hands-on healing. (If you’ve ever wanted to know how to do that for your own dog, go here.)

Harry enjoys the energetic healings and oil application so much that he backs up into my hands now, or nudges my hands into place, ready to start!

Last night we got the first glimpses of Harry feeling more like his old self. My friends Dana and Bek came over to my house for a night of pizza and planning – to round out my week long planning summit. Harry, who’d been flat-out all day, suddenly came to life, danced around in happiness at seeing them, and was quite waggy for at least five minutes before collapsing back down on the carpet.

Thanks so much for all the well-wishes, love and energy you’ve been sending us. I KNOW it’s helping.

Lots of love from all of us – Nicole, Ben, Nurse Bert and Harry the Cafe Dog xoxo

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20 thoughts on “A Harry Dog Update

  1. Oh my heart goes out to poor Bert! Look at that precious face oh so sad for his brother! Love and hugs to all! & sending more healing your way!

  2. So happy that Harry is feeling better .What an amazing brother nurse Burt is …it’s brotherly love make no mistake .

  3. Ohhh how heartbreaking seeing their sad little faces 🙁 what a mess a little bit of stick can do!
    So happy to hear that Harry’s on the mend though, and sending love and prayers to you all x

  4. Poor baby! Luckily, he’s got such super care. I loved meeting Harry dog. It was a real treat.
    I hope he feels much better very, very soon.
    Luv ya Harry!

  5. I’m glad he’s home and you’ve got him on some meds. It’s weird, I thought of him the other day and was wondering if he had healed up okay or if there were any complications from that incident. Hopefully this will get him back to his old self. Sending healing thoughts for both of you.

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