Cold or Flu? Don’t Soldier On!

“The worst pandemic in modern history was the Spanish flu of 1918, which killed tens of millions of people. Today, with how interconnected the world is, it would spread faster.” ~  Bill Gates

“Seasonal flu is now a pandemic that lasts for years and years because you’ve got so many people that it’s jumping back between northern and southern hemispheres and moving itself around the world. By the time it gets back to where it started, it’s changed sufficiently so that people are no longer immune.” ~ Nathan Wolfe


I’d love to be telling you that I’m enjoying a fabulous Easter with my husband and friends, dancing in my gumboots at Bluesfest and celebrating all that the Easter Weekend has to offer.

But I can’t. I’m horribly unwell. Think fevers, chills, headache, neck ache, chest pains, congested sinuses, cough and body aches and pains.

My friend who came to stay with us arrived sick. Sick but she was trying to soldier on because she’d made plans with us, and she had festival tickets, and she didn’t want to let anyone down. But my friend felt exhausted and miserably sick. So sick that she ended up staying home all day while we went to Bluesfest without her. So sick that she ended up in emergency that night. She’s back staying with family now, and Ben and I are both home in bed sick!

People, I need you to know something about those of us for whom flu or cold is more than an inconvenience:

Thanks to chronic lyme-disease I’m immune-compromised, which means that I don’t have as much resistance to bugs as other people might.

There are many immuno-compromised people out in the world. Babies and old people. People with chronic illnesses, diabetes, asthma, heart problems, auto-immune diseases and cancer. People who’ve had transplants, or who need one. People recovering from illness or in fragile health. They look like you and I, so you might not be able to pick them out as having weaker immune systems.

For people with weakened immune systems getting a bad cold, virus or flu can seriously endanger our health.

Please, if you have a cold or flu, think before you go out into the world. Look after yourself, and through your consideration, look after those of us for whom any kind of unexpected illness is a big deal.




18 thoughts on “Cold or Flu? Don’t Soldier On!

  1. Wow your post is so timely much so that I just had to leave a comment !

    I’m also ill in bed with a horrible cold and also struggling with TBD/ Lyme since last year. …oh what a challenging journey that is! A shamanic multi dimensional crazy health challenge!

    So the deal is…my housemates all had/have colds and I see them rushing about being extremely social ( and obviously exhausted by the way) spreading their germs…

    …. and then I went down with the dreaded cold myself ( surprise surprise) and have been bed ridden for the last 6 days as I don’t have the usual immunity I used too.

    The first three days I had a ‘hit by a bus” vibe going that I even was scared I was having a Lyme relapse…as it often starts with flu symptoms for me…. Oh golly and it’s only the beginning of flu/winter season hey!. times ahead! argh!

    My housemates even had a 2 week old baby over yesterday. And I thought to myself surely that baby and new mum didn’t need to be in our germs? I’m now at official snot princess bed and floor littered with crumbled loo paper…um yes finished the box of tissues days ago.. 🙁 But, back to the baby/new mum scenario…. my flatmates a nurse so I thought surely she must think its alright, to be here in our soup of germs????…and I might be wrong with my line of thinking……mmmm….maybe not then after reading your post !

    Anyway, I agree with your thoughts Nicole…May you/me heal swiftly and completely with ease and grace 🙂

  2. oh golly 🙁 i’v had to turn a friend away from the front door as she was so obviously crook full of a head cold as she put it.. and chose to come visit us hmmmmm.. seriously makes me angry.. hoping you and hubby heal well ..<3 xx

  3. Bummer !!! – I hope it turns the corner soon.
    Rest up and take a break from blogging if need be – we love you Nicole, but yes Nicole we will survive if you do not post.
    Keep snug and drink lots of those fresh juices.
    love Sue Girl

  4. such a timely message and reminder. some of our family have missed days with my seriously ill father because he is immune compromised and we don’t want to pass bugs on. easy to forget. hope you’re feeling better very soon. sorry you’ve missed some gumboot dancing at the festival. sx

  5. I hate that Codral commercial (here in Oz) telling us to soldier on. Its just plain silly. I really hope you recover soon. It would be so annoying to know that due to someone’s inability to act responsibly and take care of themselves they ended up hurting you.

  6. Too bad that your friend could not have been more considerate of her health as well as of her friends. Does she realize what she has done? Healing light to you, Ben and to your friend!

  7. Didn’t understand how you became ill, dear. So sorry you’re having to go through this. Am on my seventh week of a bronchial cough. But it sounds as though you and Ben are going through much than this. Hope Sokli is taking good care of you both. May the owls hoot their healing vibes. I send my sparkles and love.

  8. Sometimes it is easier to care for others than for ourselves. So, please take care of yourself, give yourself healing nourishing food, lots of liquids, teas and broths, and as much rest and sleep as you need. Feel love and healing surrounding you, and supporting you. I send you healing thoughts and energies, and Reiki.
    With love Barbara🌻

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  10. Well said! My husband has many serious health problems and I have to worry about him when people are sick. I don’t think they realize it can be serious for some people.


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