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“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”
~ Mark Twain


It’s almost here!

Tomorrow I’ll fling open the doors of my online shop and welcome you in to see my latest offerings. 🙂 Please be patient. I’m trying to. I almost had everything ready late yesterday when our shopping cart software updated and dropped every single upload and change that I’d made over the past few days. *sob* So I had to start over at 7pm last night, and I’m still not quite finished. Just as soon as I am I will hit the ‘go live’ button and you’ll be able to purchase your Planners and memberships.

But I’m so excited that I had to give you a sneak preview!!!

So, what’s in my store?

There’s my Year of ME Planner for 2017. It now comes with a guided meditation, and there are 297 pages of goodness for you to work through. It’s available as a digital download, so you’ll be able to access it all straight away.

You might like to join our Year of ME Community and 12-month online course for some additional support and friendship in 2017. You can do that as an upfront payment or a monthly subscription.

Want to get a business happening in 2017? You can buy the Year of ME 2017 Planner and the Business Planning Pack add-on – which gets you the digital download of the Planner plus an additional 66 page workbook to help you close off 2016 and get you up and running for a focused and successful 2017.

2017 is a fabulous year for growing our hopes and dreams into reality!

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Introducing YOM-PReneur!

Become a YOM-Preneur with me in 2017. YOM-Preneur 2017 includes the Year of ME membership and year-long course as well as the YOM-Preneur membership and year-long course. Both groups will also have private facebook pages. I’ll show you how to navigate and plan for the year ahead in business, and how to incorporate those activities back into your Year of ME Planner so that you get on track and then keep going. The YOM-Preneur (Year of ME Entrepreneur!) membership will suit you if you have a business idea but haven’t taken it further, but it will also work for you if you have an existing business and are looking to make it work better for you or take things to the next level! There is something here for all heart-based entrepreneurs.

I’m going to help you create the plan and then work the plan. The emphasis in this group is on getting stuff done! This group offers something very important – like-minded people, accountability and a chance to be less isolated in your business development and entrepreneurial dreams. I’ll also have webinars and facebook live events to keep you updated, motivated and heading in the right direction.



YOM-Preneur Deluxe Membership

This package includes the membership to the Year of ME and YOM-Preneur year-long courses and facebook pages as well as mentoring with me – individually and within a small group.

My aim with the Deluxe YOM-Preneur Package is to give you personalised assistance to get you up and running, or more profitable and with a bigger reach for your existing business.

I love business, and I love that we live in an era that gives us incredible opportunity to put our products and services out into the world in new and sustainable ways. There has never been a better time to work with these opportunities and innovations. I’m excited to be able to work with you to help you fulfill your dreams.

And just a few other delicious things, including crystal packs!

See you tomorrow for the Grand Opening!!!

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