Reconnect To Your Dream – Monday Oracle 8 June 2020

“Be careful what you water your dreams with. Water them with worry and fear and you will produce weeds that choke the life from your dream. Water them with optimism and solutions and you will cultivate success. Always be on the lookout for ways to turn a problem into an opportunity for success. Always be on the lookout for ways to nurture your dream.”   

Lao Tzo

Hello, Lovelies!

June energies support everything to do with relationships. It’s a month for connecting or reconnecting with partners, family, friends, and community. It’s a month for healing your relationships with the people and situations around you.

Keep that in mind as we explore the gifts that the oracle card KEEP YOUR DREAMS ALIVE brings us this week. KEEP YOUR DREAMS ALIVE is from the Nature’s Whispers Oracle Cards by Angela Hartfield and Josephine Wall.

The Gifts Of The Week Ahead

The energies of this week encourage us to go within, to reconnect to our dreams, and to find the courage to take action to bring them into reality. This may be a dream for yourself, for your family or community, or for the planet.

It may also be that exhaustion, depression, anxiety or inner-conflict has left you disconnected from the things that are right in front of you. If that’s the case practice extreme self-care, and reach out the the people you love to let them know you’re doing it tough. Finding small ways to cultivate gratitude and appreciation for what you already have will help you find your way back to yourself.

Having a dream is never more important than when we are in a hard place, a dark place, a place from which the attainment of that dream seems impossible. Rise up this week. KEEP YOUR DREAMS ALIVE offers us hope – it reminds us that dreams can only come alive THROUGH our words, deeds and actions. Thought is not enough – to think something is only the beginning of a chain of events that can lead us on that journey of transformation.

Feel like you’ve lost your dream, or that you never had one to begin with?

Know that this isn’t true. Our hearts never stop knowing. If you can’t find your dream please understand that it will be buried under pain, or exhaustion, or burnout, or self-loathing, or the criticism of others. It will have been covered over by the judgement or ridicule of people who have held authority in your life before now.

Despite all the negativity and well-meaning but incorrect advice that is heaped upon them, despite our own negative self-talk or the put-downs of others, our hearts hold onto their own truth.

Inside, our dreams continue to burn. Ideas flicker, waiting for a breeze to fan the flame. Our long-neglected interests and hobbies need only a ray of sunshine and a little fresh air to spring back into being.

This week those dreams and longings begin to come back into focus. A little more of ourselves is restored. Our courage grows.

When we give ourselves permission to follow a trail of breadcrumbs that can become a new direction, or when we commit to our dreams, and do what makes us happy or what we passionately believe in, all kinds of magic begin to flow in our lives.

Supportive crystals this week

Rose Quartz is a stone of love and nurture – it helps you to be open to the giving and receiving of love. Yellow Obsidian is a gently shielding stone that helps you to think clearly and to break patterns of self-criticism and negative thinking. It aids in looking for positive solutions to life’s dilemmas and for embracing change. Carnelian dispels doubt and negativity, strengthening self-esteem, confidence and creativity. Ruby Zoisite (pictured) is a stone of transformation, helping you to be empowered in your life. It elevates your confidence and authority, and improves fertility, imagination and innovation.

Helpful Essential Oils

Lavender keeps us in flow and relaxed this week. Wild Orange reduces anxiety and promotes optimism. Angelica invites inner peace and a sense of safety,  Ylang Ylang opens our hearts and is supportive when we feel anxious or overwhelmed, and Rosemary will help us to problem-solve and think clearly.

To diffuse add 2 or three drops of each oil to your room or personal diffuser. They work well on their own, and also blend beautifully together.

Want To Join Us For The Next Colour and Cuppa Session?

Each fortnight I hold a free gathering online, which is also a lovely sharing, colouring and meditation session. You’re all welcome to join us, and so are your children. It’s a way for us to connect, heart-to-heart, as lightworkers and sensitive souls. It’s a way for me to tune you in to the energies of the weeks ahead, and to give you some tips and teachings for dealing with that, and for building both your metaphysical and self-care skills.

Each session deals with a theme, and there are lovely mindfulness colouring sheets to download too.

Our theme this week is ‘Angels’. We’ll be talking about what Angels are, what they do, and how we can connect with them. We’ll talk about how to be an Earth Angel too.

Many of us have felt touched by angels at some time in our lives, and I look forward to hearing about your experiences as we colour, chat and share.

The ‘Angels – Colour and Cuppa’ gathering will be at 4.00pm Brisbane time this Tuesday 9 June (which may be June 8 where you live). We hold these sessions every fortnight. To support people in other time zones we are scheduling these live events at various times throughout the year so you can find one that works for you.

It’s completely free to join us, and we’ll be holding this gathering via Zoom. All of the details and the link will be in our Facebook Group, The Journeymakers.

If you’re not already a member you can join here:

The energies of this Quarter supports valuing what matters, creating connection and healing what hurts. Start there this week. Trust that as you come into alignment with your values and speak your truth, that your dreams will reveal themselves to you, and you’ll find the beginning of a way forward.

Sending you love, on a gentle rosemary-scented breeze that reminds you to rember what’s in your heart, Nicole xx

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