Upgrading Our Self-Belief – Monday Oracle 6 November 2017

“In all affairs it’s a healthy thing now and then to hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for granted.” 
― Bertrand Russell

Hello, Lovelies,

Another great week ahead for us this week! 😀

If you read my forecast for November, you’ll know that it’s a month for knowing ourselves deeply, for healing old hurts and for prioritising and redesigning our lives so that they better represent the person we are and the person we want to become.

Keep that in mind as we look at the gifts which the oracle card Faith delivers.

So, what awareness does Faith bring us?

This week we see our limitations, and at the same time we begin to understand that we can move past them. We also see where the limitation was only a perception, and that we may have been thinking wrongly about ourselves or a situation.

The energies of this week make us aware of the fear we hold inside and the stories we tell ourselves over and over again at the first hint that something may not work out as well as we’d planned. In the past these fears have held us rooted to the spot, terrified of acting, in case… well, our head fills that space with an ever-expanding list of things that could go wrong. To which we add the voices of our negative teacher from the second grade, that mean girl who bullied us at high school, our disapproving parent and the friend who is always helpfully pointing out our faults and issues.

Faith connects us to a higher perspective this week, from our own Higher Self, our Angels, Guides, Ancestors and God. All we need to do is become quiet in ourselves, let ourselves become peaceful for a moment and then listen. Listening is a full-body thing; we need to be open to every sensation, image and thought.

From this new place of understanding we can move past fear, we can create a new reality, we can move from stuckness to that place of possibility, we can forgive ourselves and tell ourselves better stories that help instead of hindering us as we strive to live our best lives.

Supportive crystals this week? 

Green Aventurine moves you past old blockages and stuck thinking, tapping you into the joy of living and that wonderful feeling of gratitude. Iolite illuminates your depths and helps you to see what’s hiding, and what you’re not seeing – a beautiful stone for boosting self-belief. Orange Calcite connects you in to inspiration and is a wonderful beginner stone for tuning in to the spiritual realms. It’s also great for all forms of creativity. Ocean Jasper is a healing stone that promotes deep rest and relaxation, that attunes you to your feelings, and that gives you perspective and clarity with projects and situations.

Helpful essential oils?

I’m loving Young Living’s Envision this week. Use Envision to promote positive thinking, optimism, and to emotionally connect you to your dreams, goals and Highest Good. Dab a drop on your Crown Chakra, back of neck, heart, wrists and the soles of your feet. Rub a drop together in the palms of your hands and inhale directly or add to your diffuser. 

Want to make your own blend? Each of the following oils will work beautifully on their own for you this week, but they’ll also make a delicious combination for diffusing. Frankincense elevates our mood and promotes spiritual connection and intuition, Lavender keeps us in flow and relaxed,  Rosemary for clarity and mental focus, and Orange for feelings of calm, peace, gratitude and optimism. To diffuse add 2 or three drops of each oil to your room or personal diffuser. You can find the oils here.

Holding you, as always, in my thoughts, prayers and meditations, and intending for you a life of abundance and joy, where you are no longer limited by your doubts.

All my love,

Nicole ❤ xx

PS: Monday’s oracle card, ‘Perception’, is from the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Deck by Tori Hartman. I use any cards shown as a prompt for channelled messages and my own intuitive wisdom, so my take is sometimes quite different to the meaning found in a book. 

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