Such a simple act of kindness, given with complete mindfulness, becomes a meditation and a bridge of great trust, love and peace. I totally heart this!

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  1. Nicole, thank you for sharing this video, truly one of the most beautiful acts of human connectedness and compassion I have ever seen. Blessings Cheryl

  2. Simply Divine! My wish is to see all babies, children, in fact, all of humanity treated with such reverence and love.

  3. I’ve been at a couple of my nephews first baths and they are truly special. To see their first reaction to loving hands and warm water and the wise hands in the form of nurses is simply amazing and life changing to watch – LOVE.

  4. I have NEVER seen anything so beautiful and mesmerizing. I think i need a nap. That is the most loving thing i’ve seen in a long long time. Thank you so much!

  5. That was so very lovely to watch – so many of these daily acts of love go unwitnessed. There are times – and this would be hers – that Nursing is a privilege.

      • Well I can’t honestly say I have as many as this amazing lady would have! BUT I do feel that to be with another in a time of distress and stay centred, focussed and open hearted is the REAL purpose of Nursing. The more I offer my Patient connection the easier and less painful “it” is for us both – even to the point of teary poignant wist where words become irrelevant…

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