Vale, Margaret Fulton, a National Treasure!

“You must immerse yourself in your work. You have to fall in love with your work … You must dedicate your life to mastering your skill. That’s the secret of success.” 
~ Chef Jiro

Oh goodness! One of Australia’s icons, the beloved Margaret Fulton, food writer and cook, passed away yesterday at the age of 94.

Margaret Fulton was a formative influence on my life. In my grandmother’s kitchen there was a folder full of pages torn from the New Idea, where Ms Fulton was both a cook and journalist. In the 1970s, when most Australians were eating meat and three veg, Margaret Fulton was introducing our nation to world cuisine.

Using her cookbooks and magazine recipes, my grandmother and I learned about Spanish flavours, Chinese banquets, Italian home-style meals and French inspired dinners.

Margaret Fulton also had the kinds of simple home-cooking recipes that allowed me as a primary school child to cook dinner for my siblings and me if my mum was working late, or to make lunchbox treats or a special occasion dinner. They are the meals I still cook now, forty years later.

I used to go to bed with her cookbooks back when other kids were watching colour television or playing Donkey Kong! I know I got the better deal.

Margaret Fulton taught me that food is important, and that cooking food for others and eating with your family and friends is a valuable and wonderful thing to do.

She will be greatly missed, but her legacy lives on, and will continue to nurture and support generations of Australians.

I’m the richer for having her influence in my life, and I’m so grateful for her contribution to the world.

Much love, Nicole xx

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6 thoughts on “Vale, Margaret Fulton, a National Treasure!

  1. Such a lovely tribute Nicole. She was an icon in her area and I still have the Complete Kitchen Companion from A-Z that my mother in law gave me as a newly wed.
    It was such a lifesaver for ideas living out in western Queensland.

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