Ouch! Poor Harry!

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“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”
~ Roger A. Caras


I got the phone call no dog parent wants to have yesterday. Ben rang from the farm to say that Harry had been hurt after he chased a stick that had been spat out the back of the tractor. Ben was rushing him to the vet.

Poor Harry. The stick had shot out the back of the tractor and he’d chased off after it, but the stick impaled in the ground and Harry, racing to catch it, was then gouged by the stick as he tried to grab it with his mouth.

A ten centimetre nasty gouge that went from under his tongue and deep into his throat.

It was bleeding profusely and Harry was in great distress. As was Ben.

It took the vet two and a half hours to clean out the wound, and remove the splinters of wood.

The stick missed piercing Harry’s jugular by one millimetre. Thank goodness. If it had, there would be no more Harry.

He came out of surgery fine, but very sore. His neck is all swollen and stiff still and we need to watch him for signs of infection.

Ben brought him back to Brisbane late last night, carried him up the stairs and put him on our bed, still all sleepy from the remains of the anesthetic.

We’re keeping him quiet for ten days while it heals. Soft food only. Lots of antibiotics and pain killers. No boisterous games. Lots of pampering and extra cuddles.

You’d think he’d want to stay on the bed all day, right? He looks so tired still.

2014-11-17 20.44.21

But no.

As soon as we got up this morning he slid off the bed and wobbled downstairs to the door by the garage.

Cafe time. That’s what this dog wants.

Goodness how I love my Harry! Please send a little get-better love his way today.

Thank you. 🙂

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47 thoughts on “Ouch! Poor Harry!

  1. sending a big sloppy virtual kiss and hug for dear Harry! so happy that you are still with us Harry! woof-woof. hey watch out for sharp sticks Harry 🙂

  2. Sending love and hugs and kisses to dear Harry! The same thing happened to my dear Sadie-dog but there was no visible blood just very cranky if you went near her throat area (also part blue heeler I might add) mind you it was a stick I had thrown for her, needless to say it was strictly balls after that! All turned out well though, she healed up nicely. Wishing the same for Dear Harry!

  3. Loads and loads of love and healing light to cafe dog Harry. Blessing and healing from Archangel Raphael and energy light to support rest and repair. I am sure many of us will send healing to Harry until he is back to himself. Gratitude to the vet, and trust Ben has breathed a whole lot easier. Cafe dog may need a chariot to ride in to get to coffee … spare pram anyone?? Nurse Bert will assist with supervision to be sure. Love and light to you all. xxoo

  4. Oh Harry, sweet Harry… sending hugs, hugs and more hugs, and big lappy, soppy wet kisses from Oscar my King Charles, who knows what it,s like to be in the wars .

  5. huge healing love for Hazza, & you guys! This very same thing happened to our Bella, it was AWFUL cos we didn’t notice until the morning & she’d been in pain all night, & we had no idea but eventually the vet figured it out & same, it was a mil or 2 from her jugular! It must have happened during an evening stroll with our friend & it was dark… 🙁 xxx love

  6. Just as some of us spiritual beings are here on Earth having a human experience, so it is that some of us spiritual beings are here on Earth having a dog experience. Sending you Love and Light my fellow spiritual being Harry. Big Tummy rubs for you from far away!

  7. Oh poor Harry indeed!! Blimey, how distressing – so glad he’s going to be OK. Sending lots of healing light and love and wagging tails and soft gentle hugs from me and my pack xxx

  8. I can’t imagine keeping a cattle dog quiet for 10 days.Poor Harry indeed …Me and my pack are sending him so much healing energy . Some for you too. Harry has had “mouth issues ” from the get go and this will be the last one hopefully. Here’s some LOVE

  9. The poor baby! I hope he heals up fast. And poor you! That is really not a call any pet momma wants to get. He’s a lucky boy. It sounds like it could have been much worse.

  10. Poor Harry, wishing your precious fur baby love and healing prayers. Noting more distressing watching our fur babies in pain. I hope he enjoyed the trip to the café <3

  11. Poor Harry, I’m sending him lots of get well wishes, cuddles and healing thoughts. The same accident happened to my dog too while chasing after a stick. Luckily it all went well n hope Harry will have a speedy recovery💗

  12. Oh no! That poor little boy, thankfully he has such loving owners. These dogs are smart but have absolutely no common sense when sticks are involved. Sending him kisses 😘

  13. Harry, Harry , you are such a boy …… Minty and I send much love and hope you feel better and recover very quickly. Minty says listen to your Mum “she does know best”.

  14. Much love to all of you. Country dogs seem to have these things happen I know. The trip into the vet can seem interminably long. But oh, their amazing courage and mindful living. 🙂

  15. Aww, bless ‘im! Of course I’ll send some extra love his way today and some for Ben (just out of hospital and having to deal with that) and you( having to deal with it all) and for Bert,just so he doesn’t feel left out!<3

  16. Poor dear Harry 😓 As you know Nicole I have a dog business and am always telling my clients not to throw sticks for their dogs as it is potentially so very dangerous. In this case it was a terrible accident but I shall use your story to hopefully warn people of the tragic consequences. Sending my love to Harry I feel certain that he shall be spoilt rotten while convalescing 🐶 perhaps a nice chicken broth would make him feel better. Xxxxx

  17. I had shivers all through my body as I read what happened to poor Harry. Sending him LOADS of Healing Light in hopes that he’ll get 100% better soon. Take care… all of you!!! (((hugs))) and LOVE XOX

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