The Bucket Of Shame

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“What strange creatures brothers are!”
― Jane Austen

Bert has a significant wound under his jaw right now after surgery to remove a grass seed that had caused a huge abscess and infection. There are about twenty-five stitches, but in a place he can’t reach.

The vets thought he’d be fine and didn’t place a dressing or any kind of cover on the wound.

He did try to scratch them when he first came home, but it hurt so Bert left them alone.

We hadn’t factored Harry into the equation…

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Bert volunteered his poor sore neck to his brother, who covertly began nibbling the stitches. Harry has a LOT of experience with this kind of work. Eating beds, destroying remote controls, nibbling the teeth off every available zipper – Harry grew up on this kind of delicate covert work. It was a cinch and he managed to get quite a lot done right under our noses.

In fact, we’ve always had to use a bucket on Harry’s head, because he will undo any stitches anywhere!

2013-01-17 16.34.09

It was the blood everywhere that finally gave them away.

Harry had managed to get about a third of Bert’s stitches out, leaving a nice big mess.

All cleaned up and repaired now, but we have reverted to the Bucket of Shame to protect Bert’s wound until it heals.

Brothers – they’re double trouble, but we love them dearly!

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