A Moodle on Noodles…

Image from laughspark.com
Image from laughspark.com

“The saddest thing about selling out is just how cheaply most of us do it for.”
~ James Bernard Frost

For a very brief moment yesterday I thought I’d hit the blogging big time.

I was approached to do a review of cup noodles on my blog ‘based on my blog’s successful readership and suitable demographic’.

The approach was a legitimate one, by a large organisation. The rewards were… awesome? A supermarket voucher, a LOT of cup noodles for my personal use, and a ridiculous amount of cup noodles to be donated to my workplace or favourite sporting organisation.

Seeing that I work for myself, and my sport is fighting lyme disease that meant potentially an epic amount of cup noodles.

My next problem was this.

I had no idea what cup noodles even were.

So I googled them.

Image from blisstree.com
Image from blisstree.com

Cup noodles are dehydrated wheat noodles, vegetables, strange chunks of possible other flavour and textural items, spices, flavourings and a truckload of MSG and other scary additives and chemicals. In a non-degradable  styrene cup, with a disposable plastic fork. Using palm oil. No wonder they hadn’t ever been on my radar.

They’re not even food! Also, nasty!

In America alone, they use enough single use non-recyclable styrene cups each year (from cup noodles?) to circle the world 426 times. (source: . Department of Environmental Quality Oklahoma, “Eco Views Volume 2 Spring 2004” http://www.deq.state.ok.us/pubs/l pd/ecoviewvol2.pdf) Styrene is bad news for us and the environment.

Even as an impoverished student I never ate such a thing. Sadly, I might be trending up in the blog readership stats but I am the girl who blogs home-made chicken soup, gluten-free treats, kindness, walking sustainably upon the earth and old-fashioned cooking. Not the girl who writes reviews about trash food.

As a dear friend of mine wrote on my facebook page yesterday, Sell out for money, not noodles. Thanks, Kim!

My blog is edging towards two million views, and I have over ten thousand subscribers. I’ve built a community of friends and like-minded people here. And I feel very protective towards you, and my little Cauldrons and Cupcakes offerings.

So let me assure you, this girl is no sell out. Not for noodles. Not for money.

There is a reason my blog remains endorsement and advertising free. This is MY blog. It represents MY views. I value my values. I value my editorial freedom. I value control over my content.

If I like something, I’ll tell you. For free.

And it sure won’t ever be me telling you about cup noodles. Apologies, if you’re a cup noodle fan. But I know you’ll understand.

Lots of love, Nicole

Image from EmilysQuotes.com
Image from EmilysQuotes.com
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14 thoughts on “A Moodle on Noodles…

  1. Good for you it’s a matter of principle. We call them pot noodles here in the UK but it amounts to the same . I have eaten them as a student in fact I sent s pot back once because it had no noodles in it . It was made by Golden wonder in those days and they sent me a voucher with enough to buy another pot noodle and a packet of crisps lol
    Keep doing what you’re doing and stick to your principles. I have been an avid reader of your blog for years …love what you stand for . Keep doing what your doing because you are getting it right.

  2. I am so pleased to read your blog this morning…I did not think you would take up that offer. Was not much on offer when you think of it. We love your blog as it is, and are grateful for all the beauty you give. Thank you xxx

  3. I’m amazed there is such a lot of that type of noodle available. … and don’t get me started on marketing of non-nutritious food and drink. Keep on keeping on with wholesome nutritious food blogs xxx

  4. Tim, Jessica and Natasha love 2 minute noodles, I will give them a pass thank you very much. although have to say Jessica prefers Maggi 2 minute noodles that are not in the cup and they have to be beef and she just looked over my shoulder and said never in the cup…………………….

  5. Thanks Nicole for standing up for all of us. I was flabbergasted recently when a work colleague reported that a dietitian they had just visited indicated that the aforesaid cup noodles were a good choice for lunch.

  6. You go, girl! I love your recipes (your Tropical Cream Pie has become a favourite hedonistic treat)
    and stories about everyday life.

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