Making Art and Magical Carrots

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“Write it. Shoot it. Publish it. Crochet it, sauté it, whatever. MAKE.”
~ Joss Whedon


I’m finishing up the last little bits of my secret project just now.

It’s a project that has involved a lot of planning, and more writing and oracle card consulting and rumbling through my many bowls and boxes of crystals than I’d figured on.

And it has also needed art.

That’s okay. A beautiful friend of mine, Sally, made some art for me ages ago. That art was originally destined for a book I was creating before my Lyme diagnosis and treatment necessitated me shelving that idea for a while. Sal’s art was perfect for this new project, so we purposed some of it for this one instead.

Another talented friend, Bek, has been playing with that art and using her graphic design skills to bring things together for me.

But now we’re coming down to the wire with deadlines, and I needed more art. Art that was odd. Art where I couldn’t seem to find suitable images that fitted what I already had.

Art that would be miraculously sourced before my Friday night deadline, only hours away.

What was I to do?

In the end the answer was horrifying and obvious. I was going to have to make that odd art myself.

I felt a bit sick.

There were no suitable excuses. I had paper and pens and paints and brushes. I had pictures in my head of what was needed.

Before I could change my mind I pulled out all my materials, sat down and began.

As I did, I heard the very loud and stern objections of almost every art teacher who’d ever taught me as a child or adolescent.

Shut up! I said to them. It doesn’t matter if it’s craptastic, I reminded myself. Holding my tongue on just the right angle to aid concentration, I began.

First I painted a magical carrot. (It looks more crisp in person!)

2015-11-20 15.03.05

Then I drew a Lucky Dip bag.

2015-11-20 15.03.46-2

When I was finished I eyed them off objectively. Could I use them, I wondered?

The answer was yes. If I am crazy enough to create a project that requires such oddities as magical carrots and lucky dips then surely my wonky art will suffice.

I spent an afternoon furiously creating the rest of the images I needed. I was intent and focused as any five-year-old. And just as defiantly proud of my final efforts. Did I mention I’m deep in a period of Sustainable Madness right now?

What else was magical and mad (besides that carrot) was how much fun I had!

Who’d have thought that art and carrots could be so good for the soul?

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10 thoughts on “Making Art and Magical Carrots

  1. Mollie Katzen has illustrated all of her Moosewood cookbooks. With lots of practice of over 40 years or so you can see how she has improved her skills. That’s what drawing/painting is…a skill that needs to be practiced in order to become better. I applaud your carrot, your lucky bag and yourself for taking the leap! The book will reflect more of you and that is what readers look for…just like in your blog.

  2. I love your magic carrot and the lucky dip bag. They are quirky in a good way. It’s sad that the voices of your old teachers intruded and shouted negative messages at you, but good you told them to shut up. In the end if art gives you joy and enjoyment, that is all that matters and if you love it ,everyone else will love it too. 🙂

  3. I just have to tell you…..” I LOVE YOUR MAGICAL CARROT” !!! Lol and you are a magnificent creator! Or would that be carroter? Have fun with all of it Nicole & I can’t wait to see your newest creation! 💫

  4. Just remember a lot of art teachers are frustrated artists, and some can be excellent artists, but not very good teachers. Your guide stick is what was achieved – you made art and you had fun – that is far more important than anything else. xxx

  5. I know it’s going to be absolutely SMASHING! I will be lining up for my own copy / version / edition ? Of whatever you create! 😀 Xxxx can’t wait!

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