Win these beautiful meditation stones!

“Spirituality is recognizing and celebrating that we are all inextricably connected to each other by a power greater than all of us, and that our connection to that power and to one another is grounded in love and compassion. Practicing spirituality brings a sense of perspective, meaning and purpose to our lives.” 
~  Brené Brown


Do you remember the stones in that picture above?

I have meditated with them every day in July, after which they have sat in a crystal grid here on my farm. They are all charged up now, and ready to be passed on to whomever is meant to have them.

The plain rock is just a stone, but it holds the energies of the ocean and the earth. It is an anchoring stone. And it comes from Byron Bay, which is a place of great healing and transformation. As I have held it in my hand for the month of July I have meditated with it, with the intent that this stone will hold those energies in a way that could be transferred to someone else.

The energies and intention infused into the Byron Bay Beach Rock are that the holder comes to know and understand their body and how to honour and take care of it to give lasting health and wellbeing. This knowledge will also contribute to a state of inner calm and of self-care.

The plain stone is the Anchoring Stone, which helps us to stay grounded, clear and calm, connecting into our bodies, and to the earth and nature.

The crystal is the Connection Stone, enabling us to connect into our intuition, Higher Self, Guides, Ancestors and the Divine. I found this one in Tasmania, Australia, and it energies are strong!

The energies and intention infused into the Tasmanian Quartz Crystal are a deep connection to the user’s ancestral line, intuition, Guides, Angels, the Divine – facilitating a stronger understanding of the user’s individual talents and gifts, and those that have been passed down through their ancestral lineage. All of this will help to give clarity of life path.

All of the love and energy and intention that I poured into these stones is now available for the user in their own meditation. It’s also okay if you’ve never meditated before. I’ll send you instructions! This prize comes with a meditation recorded just for you.

I’m so glad that this idea found me, so that the right stones can find you.


Instructions on how to win these stones:

Do one of any of the following;

  1. Write a comment on this post, explaining why you want to win these stones
  2. Post a comment on our facebook page, explaining why you want to win these stones
  3. Post a comment on your facebook page and tag us in (use @cauldronsandcupcakes and @nicolecody)
  4. Post a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #c&cJulyrocks and in your description explain why you want to win these stones
  5. Send us an email to explaining why you want to win these stones

This competition closes on August 23rd at 8pm Brisbane time, and I’ll announce the winner on August 24th.

Good luck!

Meanwhile I’m working with new meditation stones for August, but I’ll tell you more about them in another post.
Hugs and love, Nicole  xoxo

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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27 thoughts on “Win these beautiful meditation stones!

  1. As I contemplate my mother’s passing 14 years ago on August 19, I ask myself, “Have I moved on?” Truthfully, career wise, I have, I retired, and spent three years redefining myself without a job to to that with. However, emotionally, and spiritually, I find myself stuck and floating in space and time. I had some energy work done, and the reader told me I had many angel guides and they were very bossy, she would be ready to move on and they would intervene and tell her she wasn’t finished at that spot. Obtaining this beautiful gift would rain on my soul what I always hoped to give my children – anchors and wings. Thank you for this opportunity!

  2. Nicole,
    I love the plain rock! I find it amazing! People have always tried calling me Jennifer and I have always said I’m just plain Jenny. One day I realized I was amazing and special, so I no longer say I’m just plain.

  3. Hi! I found your blog last year during a time when my life went to hell. Since this time I have been reading all of your posts and am looking forward to your wisdom every day. It is through your blog that I found my way to spiritual practice as a way of coping and deepening my beliefs and my connection to my intuition. During the last year so much has changed and it was really tough at times. But I have learned so much and gained more than I have lost. I am not completely out of the woods yet but I am getting there.
    I am struggling with meditation. Your voice has been a wonderful guide and teacher. Still I want to do it on my own. The stones would be a wonderful helping tool! Thank you!

  4. I am on a mission to make meditation part of my daily routine – to connect with myself and my guides, to centre and access peace and mindfulness. I know these rocks would be an amazing ally in grounding my practice and opening me up to my deep intuition and knowledge! xx

  5. These are beautiful stones. I would love to have stones that you have energized and sent intentions into. I carry stones in my pockets or on my body at all times. I try to carry what you suggest in your weekly oracle blogs. I have always carried a quartz crystal….however, recently it decided to disappear. I guess it was needed elsewhere. When I saw this post, I thought…maybe this could be my replacement. However, as I read the posts…and your blog about Spain….I feel that there is someone who probably needs these more than me. If you could just keep me in your meditations that would be great. I am sure the right quartz crystal will come to me. Blessings to you all ❤️

  6. I was so excited to see this post! I remember the day your found this in what looked belong beach! I felt it, loved it and wanted to find one like it! I have walked on that beach almost everyday looking looking.He he I was sure I had seen many like this. Wrong! I would so love this rock and its partner.You will know if they are mine. I feel so ready for them right now. Thats my hearts feel. As I say, you will know.
    So hoping They come with me to take me higher where I am now willing to go.
    So much love and gratitude for the gifts you share tirelessly.

  7. I would really like to win the quartz because I feel ready to open up and I think it can help me. There are many deserving people who will have great need so I think whoever the stones go to, this is a great opportunity 😃 Thank you for offering NC ❤️

  8. Once again your generosity fills me with such love and hope. And the feeling that I too can give from a place of love to someone else. the anchoring stone which holds the energy of the ocean instantly resonated with me. I feel my life and my healer heart would benefit from it.
    Thank you for this opportunity- I appreciate you and all the support you continue to give me- without even knowing me. 🙏🏻🦋💚

  9. I would love to share these beautiful stones with someone who is basically my opposite. I have no problem connecting with my intuition and guides, but loads of difficulties in grounding what I receive in physical reality and taking loving care of my unfortunately already sick body. I’d love to give the crystal to an acquaintance of mine, a divorced mum of 2, who I’ve come to appreciate for her sense of ‘this is the reality of what is’, but is hampered by this in going for her dreams, whereas I’m always swimming in the sea of possibilities so much so that I have a hard time manifesting my dreams.

    Thank you Nicole for this giveaway and writing about your stones; I have moved from Sydney back to Germany, and your writing made me realise how much I miss the Earth and cleansing Ocean energies – so different from where I live now, need to connect into what the energies are over here and how to live in synergy with them. Could you write about how to connect deeply to a place ? Thank you for all you share, Love and Health to you and your family

  10. I need some positive vibes…
    I’m trying my best to remain positive despite a plethora of issues/problems that won’t stop coming. I must need to learn something, looking for a lesson so I can grow! Thank you for the beautiful give away and all that you do!

  11. I have followed you for awhile now and you have changed my life for the better in so many ways . I continue to suffer but you always give me the right words to keep fighting my battles. I have been in pain my whole life. I look for you for comfort and you always do . I would love these stones to give me comfort and strength and as a reminder of you and good spirits out there like you. I would feel safe if I had them and I would feel like someone who cares is with me. I will give them my prayers and keep their energy going and treasure them.

  12. The picture just spoke to me so I had to come back and look. The crystal and stone look like they are giving off a peaceful calm and I would love to have that energy in my life at the moment. Thanks.

  13. Dear Nicole. You are beautiful. I would love these stones. The Byron Bay anchoring stone I would pass on to my friend Gerry. (The one I am looking after) This would be to help him keep himself as healthy as possible, make the healthier choices and to give him some hope.
    The crystal I would keep for myself. Lets face it, I need all the help I can get to connect with my guides and ancestors (or to be able to communicate in a positive manner)
    It has been suggested to Gerry that he meditates so it would be a perfect gift
    Thank you

  14. Dear Nicole, I have recently retired! Yeah! But find myself floating and unsettled ..could be all that extra time with family.. I visualized this morning a Secret garden with a locked door ..with me inside and sleeping!I think these rocks may be able to help me find direction. Best wishes Wendy

  15. Hi Nicole I would love to win these stones as their beautiful energies sound just what I need in terms of support and guidance. Life has been a bit of a struggle both mentally and physically – having the tools and support to break this fear based cycle would be a treasured gift

  16. I want to win these wonderful stones because it’s been a challenging year for me. I’ve been letting go of many things that no longer serve me.

  17. Dear Nicole, I am at the stage in my life where I definitely need to honour and nurture and understand how to transform my body… and thence be able to connect to my intuition and all the beings that surround and support me. It’s time for change. xxx

  18. “The plain rock is just a stone” but like all of us was created for a purpose. It was washed up on the sand so that you could find it and pass it on to someone who truly needs the strength and guidance it holds. I do like how you can see the grass through its crystal friend – like a veil between two worlds. I know they will find their perfect person.

  19. I need to connect with a new vision of myself that I never imagined would happen. A happier more confident and relaxed me with endless patience and love. A team of three weathering storms together, knocking off the edges and making something beautiful. A touchstone to you Nicole would help. Axxx

  20. These stones are the perfect gift to support and uplift my energy. I’ve begun a new richer, deeper level of consciousness, I’m in a place where I’m more connected to my spiritual team and I am opening more to that energy. These stones with the energy that they have infused in them would so enhance my journey. Thank you Nicole, blessings.

  21. I was so happy to read your post, and the stones pictured in your photo really call out to me, all smiley. The universe is at it again. 🙂 Just yesterday I discovered my feng shui choir number is seven, which means quartz crystals are a very healing stone for me. I was just looking online to find some that I liked because I’m moving soon and want my home to feel like it has great energy. If I won these, it would be meant to be!

  22. Hello, Nicole! I would love to win these stones to continue working on peace, inner calm and spirituality. Thank you for your post!

  23. Hi! I would really love to win these stones. Plain stone for my mom to calm her and remind her to care for her body. The crystal for my sister to help her with her communication and dealings with her guides and higher self.

  24. Got this post just as I am leaving today for Tasmania to graduate from UTAS with a Diploma in Family History……following the trail of my ancestors, several of whom are Tasmanian, has bought me to today……….along with a deep urge to honour them with the telling of their stories, and to see how their life still lives on in my soul.
    And, I am just embarking on a 100 day journey to reconnect with my sick, tired, weary and emotionally battered body…..and heart. I have been busy doing for others, and forgot about me. Just plain forgot the girl who ran along the beach at Byron, floated on her back at Wategos watching the windsurfers, read her cards and followed the signs……I just rode roughshod over her as I looked out for others who needed it. And I am about to unearth her again……with a deep promise that I will not ever forget her again.

  25. These stones would be perfect as I am on a path of healing and transformation….connecting to my intuition and life’s path….finding my purpose and moving through the threshold. What a great gift to help me on my journey! Thanks for the opportunity to possibly win these and a recorded meditation from you Nicole!

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