What Does It Mean When You Keep Pulling The Same Oracle Or Tarot Card?

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“Repetition rings a bell!” 
~  Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

I received an email last week, and then another and then another. They all said the same thing although they were written by different people, so I’ll quote just one of them below, which can stand for all the other ones just like it:

Dear Nicole, I think all my Oracle and Tarot decks must be broken. I keep pulling the same card almost every week. This has been happening for me since mid last year. When I go to another deck I pull a card that has almost the same images or the same message. How do I fix this or do I need to throw them away and buy some new cards? Can you suggest any? Love from S

Has this ever happened to you?

It sure has happened to me.

Here’s the card that forced me to choose a whole new deck back in the day, after it just kept coming up on almost a daily basis (it’s from the Self Care deck by Cheryl Richardson):

Funny thing is, my new Doreen Virtue deck was broken too. Because look what card kept coming up for me:

Apart from the stupidly obvious same-same graphic (Hay House, is this the ultimate recycling of images?) the message, energy and feel of the card was exactly the same as my previous deck.


My decks weren’t broken. I didn’t need new ones. I just needed to pay better attention.

When we find ourselves drawing the same card over and over be assured that it is repeating because we have not yet truly understood and integrated the message. Furthermore, we may have understood the message but ignored it.

The fastest way to get a different card is to pay attention to the one that keeps showing itself to you. Act on that.

Back when this card kept showing itself the Universe and my Higher Self knew that what I most needed was rest. But I sure wasn’t paying attention to that message until that second deck’s card (the very first one I ever chose) hit me like a brick to the face. That very day I closed down my corporate business and began to focus on my healing journey in earnest. So much magic and goodness came about from finally paying attention to the message I was being presented.

If the same card keeps coming up for you I also suggest pulling four more cards to do a reading for yourself about why this card keeps appearing:

  1. Choose the first card in response to the question What is this card showing me right now?
  2. Choose the second card in response to the question What obstacles are blocking my path about this situation?
  3. Choose the third card in response to the question What opportunities are presented by this situation?
  4. Choose the fourth card in response to the question What is my best way forward?

Here’s how I used that process myself:

I hope you found that helpful!
Lots of love, Nicole  xx

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5 thoughts on “What Does It Mean When You Keep Pulling The Same Oracle Or Tarot Card?

  1. I’ve pulled the Hierophant in reverse three times in the last three days in one card readings. I wonder what the universe is trying to tell me.

  2. i did a reading regarding the current status of a friends relationship, and only 1 card came out no matter how much i shuffled (i only take cards that fall out on their own- usually there are at least 2 to 3 cards): The death card. Normally I take it as transformation, or the end of one thing and the start of another, rather than death itself, but since nothing else came out with it, i took it as death. Finality; nothing else to add. I asked a different question using the same deck and asked what my friend wanted from that relationship, and only solitude came out. So i took out a different deck and asked why the death card was there, and why solitude was there. The card that came out for death was 7 of pentacles, but the image on that card was a man burying something in a grave and there was a headstone as the main image of the card. The card that came out for solitude, was death! I was like, okay. my friend must have severely ended this relationship ( i didnt ask him yet). It was an on and off again thing that was really stressing him out, and I feel like the tarot is saying to me “how many more times do we have to show you death related images for you to get the point?” lol. I thought that was crazy. lol. I mean, death 2 times, speaks volumes on its own lol, so I left the reading at that lol.

  3. This blew my mind… I don’t use tarot cards but have recently purchased a deck of 52 empowerment cards. I pull one card each day to put on my desk. the next morning, I shuffle the deck multiple times and majority of the time i pull the same card i just put back in.

    I just did the four card self-reading you suggested and they pointed directly to what I needed to hear. These cards have no more than 6 words on them with empowering statements. They made complete sense in the order of your questions, and in any other order would not have made that strong message. Cards below.

    Q1. Let your passions fuel your purpose
    Q2. Obstacle: Never let anyone dim your light
    Q3: Opportunities: You are in control of your destiny
    Q4: Way Forwards: Do more of what you love every day

    Thank you 🙂

  4. I too have had the same tarot card come up on myself repeatedly; when I took a deeper look into my interpretation of the card and took an even Deeper Look into what definition it had in the book, I found that it repeats itself if the issues you are struggling with still have not been resolved. Look into different meanings of the card, sometimes you overlook the obvious since you are reading for yourself. If this does not help, then rotate in another deck as a substitute for deeper insight. After a few readings with a different deck, check back and see what the outcome is with your original deck.

  5. I just loved seeing you on youtube – so cool to connect in a different way.
    I loved the guidance too – very helpful !!
    Have a great day – love Sue Girl

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