A Dumpling Tour of Shanghai

Dumplings are for good happiness. Dumplings are for good health. All the time eating dumplings is a very good time and Shanghai Soup Dumplings are Number One in all of the world for best good dumplings.
~ Mae, Shanghai Dumpling expert

Hello, Lovelies!
Ben and I are in Shanghai right now. Yesterday we enjoyed a fabulous tour of Shanghai street foods, including their famous invention, the Shanghai Soup Dumpling.

These incredible little morsels include meat that is mixed with a gelatinous cold stock – a jellied substance that becomes liquid when it is heated – and all of this is wrapped in a soft pastry skin.

You need to bite into the prepared dumpling carefully, because it is now filled with hot soup as well as meat and herbs. Popping the entire dumpling in your mouth is a recipe for disaster (and burns!). Best to hold the dumpling over a soup spoon and bite carefully to suck out the soup or allow it to run into the spoon where it can cool enough to be safely consumed.

So very good.

I took a few pictures for you. I hope you enjoy them. And even more, I hope you can find soup dumplings at a Yum Cha restaurant or China Town near you. They are worth trying!
Much love, Nicole xx

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5 thoughts on “A Dumpling Tour of Shanghai

  1. I love those dumplings. Enjoy them, they always taste better away from home. I had a laugh when I looked at the last photo, I thought it was a bottle of Johnny Walker Red. Sadly not. (unless you actually decanted it into the bottle you see :>}

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