Introducing some very special stones…

How different everything is for the craftsman who transforms a part of the world with his own hands, who can see his work as emanating from his being and can step back at the end of a day or lifetime and point to an object — whether a square of canvas, a chair or a clay jug — and see it as a stable repository of his skills and an accurate record of his years…

Alain de Botton

Hey, Lovelies!

Earlier this year my friend Dan (Dan, the crystal man) called me from a monastery in Tibet. He was there finalising a crystal order for me, and the monks had just offered to show him crystals in a room to which Dan had never been given access before. This was a big deal, because Dan and I have been buying stones from these monks for over 25 years, and they had never shown Dan this room.

So, Dan called me via WhatsApp to show me what they had available, and so I could wire some more money to him. The stones we were shown were exceptional, and had been hand-mined and hand-tooled and polished to be devotional stones for the monastics. NO machinery whatsoever was used to mine or shape the stones, other than hand tools, and a tumbler powered by a bicycle. Everything else is done completely by hand, and it can take up to a year to mine and work each individual stone. Each stone is worked by one monk as an act of meditation, mindfulness and spiritual devotion, with the intention that the stone will bless the user, and deepen their spiritual practice and connection. Prayers and chants are said over the stones as they are mined and then shaped. The stones have also been blessed in special ceremonies. Usually, these stones would only go to Buddhist monastics.

The cache of stones I bought represents years of work and care. But the monks need money, because like everyone else, COVID has affected them badly, and I am so grateful that they were willing to allow me to purchase them. This is a relationship we have cultivated over thirty years, and the monks know that I share my stones with people like myself, who are on a personal spiritual journey of self-exploration and metaphysical connection. The stones have incredible energy, and are intended to be used as a devotional and mystical tool by the user. I bought all they offered to me, and there may never be more offered to people outside the Buddhist order.

Part of the collection I bought was Tibetan Fluorite stones, which arrived at my doorstep in Australia in early November. Fluorite is our crystal of the year for 2022.

I offered the stones to my Inner Circle members first, and I still have a few left, which I have now placed on ETSY. Please be aware that I have limited supply, and will likely never have access to stones like these again.

If you want one of these exceptional crystals, know that I will sit in meditation for you, choose your stone with great care, and then sit in meditation again to program your crystal with intention for your support – and there is an opportunity for you to guide me in how you would like me to program your stone.

Here are all the details:

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Love, crystal sparkles, and deep gratitude, Nicole xx

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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One thought on “Introducing some very special stones…

  1. I love my fluorite. It feels so special. I am really looking forward to working with it. At the moment it is still sitting wrapped up with my other goodies waiting for another week until my Birthday when I’ll open it again and be ready to bless it and use it with my other treasures.
    Thank you Nicole (and the monks) for obtaining these gorgeous stones for us

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