February Full Moon Ritual – Tonight!

Image from wallpapers1.ru

Image from wallpapers1.ru

“You are magnificent – a jewel reflecting inwardly and outwardly, the light of the universe. Observe how you respond to beauty everywhere – you bear witness to everything. Be aware that you, yourself, are an inextricable part of the infinite creative intelligence, and be blessed.”
~ Jay Woodman


Right now we have a Full Moon in Virgo. This is known astrologically as the Spinner’s Moon. The Spinner’s Moon is about the web of connection – our connection to the earth and to each other, our connection to Spirit, and to the unseen Guides and Ancestors. It is also about the part we play in this web of connection – our service to others, the offering of our own gifts and services.

This is a powerful time for you to make your plans and wishes known to those who will support you energetically. If you’d like to work with the wisdom and influence of the Spinner’s Moon here’s what you can do:

The Moon As My Witness

  1. Write a letter to the Universe, offering up your dreams and hopes for the future. In this letter also write down what you wish to give to the world, in order to achieve or realise these dreams. Be honest. Be raw. Be brave and be bold. Don’t limit yourself or make yourself small. Let your heart speak. Let your ambition rise. For yourself. For the future. For those whom are within your web of connection.
  2. Sign your letter.
  3. Tonight, stand under the open sky and read your letter out loud. Start with the words ‘My name is ______________’. Finish with the words ‘It is so. Thank you.’
  4. Then place your letter in an envelope and keep it somewhere safe.

Much love, Nicole xx


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