Is It Really Too Late?


You say it’s too late. In my opinion, only a thimbleful of situations in life are that dire. Death begins and ends that list. Everything else is simply an obstacle that must be dealt with.

~ Kathleen Baldwin

Hey, Lovelies!

I had some strong responses to my post yesterday. Most of them were people regretting that it was now ‘too late’ or that they’d ‘left it too long’ to do something that was important to them.

It’s true. Some things are age-related or time-dependent.

If you’re sixty you’re past your childbearing years.

If you’re forty you won’t make the list of the top anyone-under-thirty-success-stories.

But the messages I got weren’t about those things. They were from people who felt it was pointless to start something when everyone else was already ahead of them, already successful, already an expert.

They felt embarrassed, ashamed or depressed to be starting something later in life. They wished they had found a way to start sooner. Now, it was too late…

But it’s only too late when you’re dead.

If the thing you want to do is something by which you only want to impress others then it’s probably better that you didn’t start, or didn’t finish.

But if it’s something you care about, that has rattled around in your brain all this time, or is a new idea that has taken hold and won’t let go then why not start?

Embrace vulnerability. Embrace speaking your truth. Embrace being a beginner. Embrace learning. And failing. And trying again. Embrace growing.

At worst you’ll discover you’re just not that into it after all. But it’s more likely that starting and then engaging with this thing you’ve been avoiding will restore that spring in your step, that sense of purpose, and your enthusiasm. In fact, it could change your life.

Why not give it a go?

Take this as the sign you’ve been looking for to give yourself permission to start!

Love, marching bands and sky banners filled with quotes that inspire you, Nicole xx




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2 thoughts on “Is It Really Too Late?

  1. I find the current energies so challenging. Wars, crises, climate change, inflation, scarcity of things – so many things to worry about on top of my personal problems. What will become of us? How can I be positive and faithful, that all will turn out okay? I don’t know. How about you Nicole, are you okay?

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